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Hotel Slovakia ★ ★ ★

The spa town is situated in the western part of Slovakia in the middle of a 17 km long valley. Surrounding forested slopes and perfectly protected location of the spa Trencianske Teplice create favorable conditions for year-round operation of the spa and many recreational activities.
Hotel Slovakia
Hotel Slovakia ★ ★ ★
Slovakia, Trenčín region
City: Trenčianske Teplice
Spa resort Trencianske Teplice
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Hotel Slovakia

The Hotel Slovakia 3* is situated in the center of the spa and opens the gate to the pedestrian zone in Trencianske Teplice. Pleasant surroundings of the hotel allow its wide use - from spa stays, family holidays, summer stays with children, or short-term accommodation.

Spa resort Trenčianske Teplice belongs to the oldest and most popular spas in Slovakia for the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal diseases.

  • Sulphurous thermal healing waters - unique treasures of spa - 5 sulfurous hot springs in Trenčianske Teplice. Sulphurous thermal healing waters here are special thanks to the optimal temperature of the springs, from 37.7 to 40°C, which allows their direct use without heating, cooling or further processing. Thermal bathes are therefore an integral part of each of our stay.
  • Natural sulfur mineralized fango and natural peat - Spa Trenčianske Teplice also utilizes medicinal peloids: natural sulfur mineralized fango and natural peat. Natural peat, which is used in addition to the spa, has excellent thermal properties and exceptional chemical reactions. Acidity of peat causes increased blood circulation in tissues at the application site, the content of humic acids and bitumen has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Natural sulfur mineralized fango is an excellent heat treatment tool and it is also because of the content of free sulfur, the analgesic effect is applied - good combination for musculoskeletal diseases.

Medical treatments are provided between 7:00 and 18:00 on Monday - Saturday, some treatments are also available on Sunday. Directly in the hotel Slovakia 3*, visitors may enjoy the indoor thermal pool and relax center. The hotel is about 150 m from Balneo center where procedures are provided.

Hotel Slovakia 3*

Facilities & Services

Reception, exchange office   Conference room   
Transfers, parking    Restaurant, café, night bar, sun terrace   
Indoor thermal pool Slovakia   Relaxation centre  

Spa Trencianske Teplice

The spa Trencianske Teplice, which with its quality service and good reputation also attracts a varied foreign clientele, hides not only Slovak, but even a European uniqueness of nature sources. Pool or tub bath is the basic procedure of the spa stay. Currently, in addition to sulfur thermal water, a wide range of medical methods in the field of curative rehabilitation and physiotherapy is used.

Thermal pools

  • the outdoor thermal pool Grand
  • the thermal pool Sina — It is the most favorite pool with the temperature as high as 39.1°C and it is ideal for everyone, who likes hot baths. The pool is a mirror - the spring ends directly in the pool. During afternoons and weekends it is used together with the historical resting place Hammam.
  • the Pool of MUDr. Čapek – PI — The thermal pool is ideal for everybody who loves modern baths. The pool, as well as the building, was recently renovated. The temperature of the water in the new pool is pleasant 37,3°C.
  • the Pool PII — The thermal pool is a universal choice for everybody, who doesn’t like hot baths. The temperature of the pool is of pleasant 37°C.
  • the Pool PIII — This thermal pool is suitable for swimming and exercise in water for duration of 30 minutes. The temperature of the water in the pool is a maximum of 35,1°C.

The thermal healing water in Trenčianske Teplice has an analgetic effect, it improves the congestion of tissues, releases the muscular tension which brings the improvement of mobility and through its overall acting it contributes to improvement of fitness and release of psychical tension.

Spa resort Trencianske Teplice


The restaurant is situated on the first floor:

  • breakfast is provided in the form of buffet, consisting of cold and hot buffet meals and drinks (breakfast coffee, tea, cocoa, cold drinks)
  • lunch and dinner are provided as a choice of five menus - 2 meat dishes, one vegetarian dish and one sweet dish, a fruit package
  • possibility to choose from the restaurant menus for a surcharge.

Hotel Slovakia 3*

Relax center

Hotel Slovakia3*


Hotel PAX 3*+ offers conference and meeting rooms suitable for organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and corporate meetings. There is presentation and audio-visual equipment and office supplies available upon request. 

Conference room 

Hotel Slovakia 3*


Price of accommodation included:
Half board: Buffet breakfast, dinner selection from 4 menus, 2 treatments per day.
Stay longer than 4 nights provides - outdoor thermal swimming pool Grand (60 min daily), indoor swimming pool, sauna (once a day),  5% off with additional treatments purchase.

Price does not include:
local tax 0,82 Eur/ person/ night.  

Supplements: Full board - 4 Eur.

Medical treatments price list 


Capacity of the spa hotel Slovakia 3* is 140 beds on 4 floors. Clients can use single rooms or double rooms, suites and comfortable Family roomsAll rooms have balconies or terraces.

Double room

Rooms are equipped with: TV-sat, radio, telephone, WC, shower.

Hotel Slovakia 3*

Family room

Family room are equipped with: TV-sat, radio, telephone, shower, WC.

Hotel Slovakia 3*

Hotel Slovakia

Trenčianske Teplice - Trenčín
LAT: 48.9094980 = 48° 54' 34.1928"
LON: 18.1691980 = 18° 10' 9.1128"


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