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Hotel Smaragd ★ ★ ★

Spa Hotel Smaragd 3* is located in the beautiful park of spa resort Dudnice. Healing mineral water of Dudince belongs to the most precious ones throughout the world. 
Hotel Smaragd
Hotel Smaragd ★ ★ ★
Slovakia, Banská Bystrica region
City: Dudince
Spa resort Dudince
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Hotel Smaragd

Spa Hotel Smaragd 3* is situated in the park of spa Dudince. Hotel creates ideal conditions for all who seek peace and more intimate atmosphere. Curative procedures are provided in balneotherapy center of spa hotel Rubin 3 *.

Spa Dudince - the same composition of mineral water is available only in Japan and in the French Vichy.

  • Mineral water - Healing mineral water of Dudince belongs to the most precious ones throughout the world. Its high mineralisation and unique combination of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide enable treatment of various diseases at once. First of all it treats diseases of a loco-motor system, neurologic diseases and diseases of cardio-vascular system as well as diseases of career stress. Healing effects of the mineral water are also used as prevention against the mentioned diseases.
  • Composition of mineral water - highly mineralized - total dissolved solids reach 5923 mg / l, per liter contains nearly 1450 mg of CO 2 and at the same time almost 6 mg of hydrogen sulfide.
  • Carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide contained in the water support each other when penetrating into the skin. Carbon dioxide significantly improves skin congestion what in turn influences hemodynamics and decreases the peripheral vascular resistance.

Medical treatments are provided between 7:00 and 15:00. Balneotherapy is located in spa hotel Rubin 3*. Spa hotels are connected together.

Hotel Smaragd 3*

Facilities & Services

Reception, safe, Wi-Fi Internet   Transfers, parking  
Lounge and conference room for 200 persons   Dining room, espresso bar, teracce  

Spa Dudince 

Balnea Health Spaproviding more than 70 treatments with unique healing mineral water, regeneration and relaxation treatments too. 

  • Pool or tub bath is the basic procedure of the spa stay - Maximum mineral water healing effect is achieved by sitting or lying calmly in water without any useless whirling of water and movements.
  • Majority of the healing procedures are conditioned by initial medical examination. The attending doctor will recommend you the most suitable healing procedures - according to your health condition.

Spa resort Dudnice

Dudinka swimming pool

mineral pool with mineral healing water of Dudince, depth 1,05 - 1,14m, water temperature 33 - 34°C   recreation pool  
pool vith water attractions - water chute, family slide, water channel with jets, 27°C     children pool - 30°C  

Aquapark Dudince

Dining hall 

Board is an important part of every healing of relaxation stay. The Rubin restaurant is also available for spa guest. Spa hotel Rubin 3* has ist own kitchen, what brings more comfort to the clients and offers a variety of International and Slovak specialties. 

Hotel Smaragd 3*


Hotel Smaragd 3*

Price Eur

Hotel Smaragd 3*

Single room38.00 €
Double room28.00 €
Suite50.00 €
SNGL Family Apartment34.00 €
Prices in EUR, per 1 person/night, double room and suites based on 2 persons.
Price included:
accommodation + WiFi.

Price does not include:
local tax 1 Eur/ person/ night.  

Supplements: dinner - 8 Eur, lunch - 8 Eur, buffet breakfast - 9 Eur.     Full board - 25 Eur.


Hotel Smaragd 3* offers accommodation in 21 single rooms, 113 double rooms and 5 suites.

Room Facilities: Toilet, shower or bath, cable TV, refrigerator, telephone with direct call, balcony.

Double room 

Hotel Smaragd 3*

Hotel Smaragd 3*

Hotel Smaragd 3*

Hotel Smaragd

Dudince - Krupina
LAT: 48.1668300 = 48° 10' 0.588"
LON: 18.8794470 = 18° 52' 46.0092"


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