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AquaCity Poprad

AquaCity is a heaven of fun and relaxation. For visitors offer access to up to 13 swimming pools and jacuzzes and to the eleven inhalation rooms, saunas, relaxation areas Vital World Spa. From the minute you step inside the contemporary, beautifully designed buildings, you will enjoy high standards of service. AquaCity has an abundance of mineral rich geothermal water, naturally heated to make the most of year round swimming.
AquaCity Poprad
AquaCity Poprad
Slovakia, Prešov region
City: Poprad
Skype: go2slovakia.eu


from 75.00 €1 pers. / Half board
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AquaCity Poprad is pioneering the way forward in green tourism, by providing guests with the unique combination of affordable, green luxury. Within less than five years, AquaCity has become known throughout the world. Since it opened, it has welcomed over 2 million customers. At AquaCity the water is drawn from natural geothermal subterranean lakes and piped to AquaCity at around 49 degrees C. Heated to between 30 and 38 degrees C, the pools are lined with stainless steel, to minimise the use of chlorine, and sanitised using U/V treatment, that is kind to the eyes, kind to the skin.

AquaCity Poprad

Imagine swimming in delightfully warm, naturally heated geothermal water, the towering, snow-capped High Tatras Mountains in the background, your breath turning to steam in the frosty, ice-cold air? At AquaCity, because the pools are naturally heated to between 30 and 38 degrees C it is possible to swim outside, even right throughout the winter.

What makes AquaCity so unique is that it uses freely available natural energy to heat and power its hotels, waterpark, spa, restaurant, bars, fitness and conference centres, saving money by using green energy, at the same time as conserving the environment. Truly affordable, green luxury.

AquaCity Poprad

CryoTherapy is the process of spending up to 2 minutes in a small room chilled to minus 120 degrees C, followed by a vigorous gym warm up. Exposure to such extremes of temperature, under close medical supervision, stimulates the release of natural healing enzymes and hormones to `kick start`the body into self-healing and regeneration.
By stimulating the body`s own healing mechanism Cryotherapy is known to alleviates pain, depression or stress, improve skin and hair condition, reduce swelling and stimulate healing, slows down degenerative medical conditions and address a multitude of other medical ailments, from Eczema to Parkinson`s disease, Multiple Sclerosis to Psoriasis.

Aquacity Poprad


Blue Sapphire

BLUE SAPPHIRE POOL CENTRE – The world`s first solar powered pools. Here in the impressive glass, steel and pine construction of the Blue Sapphire Centre you`ll find a series of circular pools, each one lit with contrasting and varying chromotherapy effects, each one offering different massage jets and techniques, each one filled with naturally heated, deliciously warm geothermal water.

BLUE SAPPHIRE`S NIGHTLY LASER SHOW – While by day the pools are the perfect place to relax, while kids enjoy the ball park and activity center on the mezzanine floor above, each evening the Blue Sapphire Centre comes to life, to the beat of music and the excitement of AquaCity`s unique 3D holographic laser show.

AquaCity Poprad

Blue Diamond

With a mix of classical and contemporary surroundings, these sophisticated pool areas provide a relaxing and peaceful place to swim or meet up with friends, with sun loungers around the pools and a tranquil and romantic ambience.

BLUE DIAMOND POOLS – subtly lit with a romantic ambience and a swim up bar. Located in the main water park, a short walk from the changing rooms, the Blue Diamond pools are quieter than the outdoor pools and particularly pleasant for adults meeting up for relaxation or a drink. The two subtly lit indoor Blue Diamond pools are perfect for a leisurely swim, or a drink at one of the bars, including the swim-up, stainless steel pool bar where colourful cocktails are freshly made, or guests can sip a local sparkling wine, beer or soft drink.

AquaCity Poprad

Vital World Spa

Guests love beautifully appointed Vital World Spa, lined with tiny iridescent tiles, atmospheric lighting and soft music, designed to appeal to every sense by creating a relaxing and tranquil environment.

Just a few steps from the changing areas of the water park, Vital World is integral to the water park. It is easy to find, yet provides a peaceful retreat from the pools, where adults can relax and rejuvenate. If you`re a guest in one of hotels, you`ll enjoy complimentary entry to the Vital World Spa, with its salt, menthol, steam and herb inhalation rooms, sauna, permanent snow cave, solarium, jacuzzi and tepidarium, while day visitors can select a spa-inclusive package for unlimited use of the facilities.

AquaCity Poprad



For guests who like to keep in shape, we have fitness areas, with regular fitness classes for you to take part in and personal trainers to help you with your training regime, and fabulous indoor and outdoor geothermal pools, including our 50m Olympic sized indoor pool.

AquaCity Poprad


Comfortable bar areas are located throughout AquaCity, for a late night cocktail in subtly lit surroundings, or a refreshing drink after an exhilarating swim. In the pool areas you and your family can come straight from the water, into waterpark cafe to refuel on salads and heartier meals, chips and local dishes, ready to head back to the pools straight afterwards.

And fabulous restaurant offers buffet style breakfast and dinner, included for hotel guests, a la carte lunches such as pastas, salads and tasty fish or steaks, and an a la carte menu for dinner guests, inspired by local cuisine and global tastes.  Wines are selected from the best Slovak vineyards, with some classic favourites to give you a comprehensive choice of reds, whites and rose.

AquaCity Poprad

Useful information

AquaCity Resort is close to Slovakia’s High Tatras mountains, adjacent to the small city of Poprad and in easy reach of some of Slovakia’s most spectacular scenery, castles, national parks and historic towns. This world-beating green resort, twice awarded `World’s Leading Green Resort’, offers comfortable accommodation, exceptional leisure facilities, restaurants, bars and large public spaces for private parties or corporate events, year round. Right on the doorstep are mountains, valleys, gorges and some of attractive skiing in the Eastern Europe.

SKI resort Lopušná dolinaSKI resort Lopušná dolina

Conveniently positioned within just 8 minutes of Poprad international airport, AquaCity is also just 15 minute´s drive of the dramatic High Tatras Mountains, the world´s smallest mountain range and Europe´s third tallest.

AquaCity Poprad High Tatras

AquaCity Poprad

LAT: 49.0601000 = 49° 3' 36.36"
LON: 20.3073920 = 20° 18' 26.6112"


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