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Thermal Park Vrbov

Thermal park Vrbov - the complex of thermal pools filled with thermal water full of the best healing minerals. Its composition is the richest of all thermal springs known in Slovakia. The healing water helps chill out and get new energy.
Thermal Park Vrbov
Thermal Park Vrbov
Slovakia, Prešov region
City: Vrbov
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from 22.00 €1 pers. / Only bed
Apartments Vrbov
Vrbov - Kežmarok – – m

Thermal Park Vrbov

Thermal park in Vrbov - there are ten pools within the premises, from which four pools are for children. Temperature of water in pools is from 26 °C to 38 °C. The swimming-pools are open all the year round. Thermal mineral water has beneficial effects on kinetic and nerve system, respiratory and cardiovascular system.

The healing water glushes from the depth of 2000 m with original  temperature of 65 °C regulated to have refreshing and healing effect to organism. Thanks to an excellen location in the area there is an amazing amount to except of chilling out in the complex.

Thermal Park Vrbov

In the new thermal complex you can find:

  • the children's pool,
  • the relaxing sitting pools with bubbles and massage jets,
  • the pool 36 - 38 °C warm with seats,
  • sunbathing terrace.

Outdoor you can use:

  • 35 m long swimming pool with the temperature 26 °C,  
  • relaxing sitting pool with massage jets and the temperature 38 °C
  • 50 m long relaxing pool with its 30  °C temperature
  • 2 children pools
  • the pool with water slides/toboggans are prepared for the kids. 

Thermal Park Vrbov

Assessment of mineral water effects

The Vrbov locality presents with its physical features and chemical composition a quality source of mineral water with wide utilization in both internal and external balneotherapy and categorizes this water among mineral waters with healing effects. It can be characterized as natural healing source /natural healing water/. Its medical utilization for selected medical indications /diseases of respiratory and cardiovascular system/ is amplified also by favourable climatic conditions of the locality.  

External balneotherapy and internal balneotherapy:
- inflammatory diseases of kinetic system
- degenerative diseases of kinetic system
- extra-joint rheumatism 
- root syndromes
- ischemic heart disease
- states after myocardial infarction
- hypertensive disease I.-II. stage WHO
- peripheral vascular disease
- hypertrophic and atrophic inflammations of upper respiration ways
- chronic bronchitis 
- bronchiectasia.

Thermal Park Vrbov


Activities - Fishing

The fishing pond with area of 13,5 ha is situated in direct proximity of the swimming-pool premises. Visitors interested in fishing can buy full-day or full-week permission for fishing.  Fish stock: carp, catfish, pike, pikeperch, bream, eel, silver carp, amur. Do you want to be sure that a fish will catch onto your fishhook? Please welcome, we invite you to a successful fishing! We offer you opportunity to catch a rainbow trout on rented fishhook. You will pay only for what you catch yourself.

Within 10 - 15 km you can find historical towns - Poprad, Kežmarok, Levoča. In the High Tatras, there are opportunities of hiking, skiiing, biking, climbing, and other activities. You can really enjoy your stay in Thermal park Vrbov.


SKI resort Bachledova
SKI resort Bachledova



There is a possibility of day-long catering near the pool in the hotel Flipper and in the restaurant "Koliba" directly in the premises of the swimming-pool. Restaurant with grill in the premises of the swimming-pool, comfortable environment with affordable prices.

Thermal Park Vrbov


In the territory of Thermal Park Vrbov, there are possibilities of accommodation directly within the premises in apartments or in the camping. The apartments have capacity of accommodation 72 people, camping capacity is 500 people. The camping is equipped with sanitary facilities.  

  • Bungalows - accommodation in double rooms with an extra bed, with bathroom. Rooms are equipped with television sets and refrigerators.
  • Apartments - accommodation for four persons with an extra bed, with bathroom, kitchen. Rooms are equipped with a television receiver.

Thermal Park Vrbov

Thermal Park Vrbov

Vrbov - Kežmarok
LAT: 49.0825650 = 49° 4' 57.234"
LON: 20.4236910 = 20° 25' 25.2876"


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