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Strečno Castle

Medieval castle Strečno on top of the limestone rock which represents power and protection has dominated over the river Váh and Strečno village for more than 700 years. In the past it was the safest fort in the Považie. The programme prepared by Považské Museum in Žilina is suitable for people of all age. We extend a warm welcome to visit the castle and have a nice time on one of our events.
Strečno Castle
Strečno Castle
Slovakia, Žilina region
City: Strečno
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Strečno castle

Rapid waters of Vah, beauty of Little Fatra mountain range together with majestic Strečno Castle over the centuries influenced the history of municipality lying on the frontier between regions of Upper Považie and Turiec. It used to be a fishing village which supplied tha castle and its crew with fish and other foodstuff. People lived from what they cultivated; they lumbered in the surrounding mountains and the wood was afterwards transported down the river Váh to the southern regions.

The castle Strečno was mentioned for the first time in 1384 in a phrase Comitatus castri Strechyn, i.e. estates of the Castle of Strečno. Based on indirect written reports it can be assumed that the Castle already existed in the first half of the 14th century. It was to safeguard the toll collection at a ford through the Váh river.

Strečno Castle

The oldest castle had the area of only 18 x 22 m. It comprised a rather small residential building, a water tank and a dominant watch tower with a defense function - the so-called bergfrit. In the course of the centuries, the Castle was extended and altered several times, whereas it had the largest area in the 17th century when it reached the status of the castle with best fortifications in the region of Middle Povazie.

There is a permanent archaeological exposition called Revealed past which has been opened for public in the beginning of the new season 2008. It is dedicated to history of Žilina and its surrounding from the Stone Age till Modern Age. “Blacksmith workshop“ is tha name of a new permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of this craft. There is laso a large number of exhibitions which take place annually in the castle called Art in the castle, these are dedicated to different forms and kinds of art.

Strečno Castle

During the summer time, the knight´s , falconer´s performance and old craft show are the part of this nice programme. Very popular are also night tours around the castle, events during the Children´s Day and castle´s schol that teaches historical craft´s dexterity, meeting of blacksmiths called „Kutie“ ( Smithing) and running up the castle´s stairs race. Castle´s Games of Sophia Bosnyak put usually the lid on each season. They take place annually in August.

Strečno Castle


Copy of Sophia´s mummy

The most famous person who had ever lived in the castle, was Sophia Bosnyak (Žofia Bosniaková), Francis Wesseleni´s wife. She was called „ A Saint from Strečno“, due to her help given to poor and sick people and her good deeds. She died in 1644 , when she was 35 years old. 45 years later when emperor’s soldiers had found her body in a crypt in the castle, they found it almost undamaged. That is one of the reasons for the process of declaring her blessed which still proceeds today. Her body is now placed in a church in a nearby village Teplička nad Váhom. A figurine copy of Sophia´s mummy has been inserted in a crypt of the Strečno castle since 2007. This is the part of an permanent exposition in a castle’s chapel.

Strečno Castle


Thanks to many archaeological findings, we may surely say, that there had been a settlement in Prehistoric Ages on the castle´s hill – in the Iron Age as well as later in the Slav period, where there had been probably the oldest wooden fortification here. Medieval stony castle was built in the first half of the 14.th century.

It had existed as a royal castle and later as a property of nobility until 1698, when Leopold , the king ordered to demolish it. There was a large number or different owners who ruled in the estate , from which, we should mention at least Pongrác family, Paul Kinizsi, Kostka family, Dersfi and Wesselenii families. Originally ,the castle was established as a guardian building close to the ford across the river Vah, where used to be the toll-gate since the 14.th century and gradually the castle assumed large proportions, the dimensions are given:165 x 61 m .

Huge repeated wallworks situated on the western and southern parts - strong walls, towers, bastions and 4 gates - has created the castle with best fortification in Middle Povazie region. The castle was declared the National cultural heritage in 1970 and has been opened for public since 1992 , after the long-lasting reconstruction works.

Strečno Castle


Museum of Považie Region in Žilina was established in 1942. The museum exposition gradually extended and since 1954 it became the Regional Museum for Žilina region. Its main interes tis to deal with the cultural heritage of Žilina region and administrates houses an othe objects in Žilina (Budatínsky hrad/Budatín Castle), Strečno (hrad Strečno/Strečno Castle), Bytča (Sobášny palác /Wedding Palace), Terchová (Jánošík a Terchová) a Čičmanoch (Objekty ľudovej architektúry/Objects of folk architecture) .

As the only museum of its kind in the world it houses a unique exhibition of the art of wire craftsman and it also deals with the history of transport in Slovakia, geology, botany, zoology, archeology, ethnology, history and other auxiliary sciences of history. At present, the Museum houses almost 140,000 artefacts and is carrying out a number of researches.

Strečno Castle


The Strečno gap always ment adventure, but also unusual experience for the first travelers - rafters on the longest and best known Slovak rafted river Váh. The countryside has preserved its beauty and magic and tourists enjoy it again while rafting, and they admire human wit, history and traditions as well.

The Castle of Strečno is an indispensable part of the landscape scenery of the Little Fatra mountains and the castle rock and the path above the Castle provide a beautiful view of the Strečiansky priesmyk mountain pass, Domašínsky meander and a great part of the Žilinská kotlina basin.

Strečno Castle

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Adults:  3,00 € Students:  2,00 €
Children [6 - 18]: 2,00 € Events: 4,00 - 2,60 €


  • Open daily from April to September: 9 - 18 hours., last entry at 17:15 ..
  • October to March, Saturday - Sunday: 11 - 16 hours., last entry at 15:15 ..
  • December to February closed.

Source: www.pmza.sk

Strečno Castle

Strečno - Žilina
LAT: 49.1749000 = 49° 10' 29.64"
LON: 18.8611100 = 18° 51' 39.996"


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