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Topoľčianky Manor House

The late Gothic Chateau Topľčianky dating from the 15th - 16th century built in the Renaissance and Baroque styles with Classicistic extensions, is situated in a picturesque way to the English park, a beckoning oasis of peace and relaxion. Monumental chateau concealment rich history of knowing origin that used to lived here. In the past, the castle Topoľčianky was used as a summer residence of the Habsburg royal house and after first world war as a presidential summer residence.
Topoľčianky Manor House
Topoľčianky Manor House
Slovakia, Nitra region
City: Topoľčany
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Topoľčianky Manor House

Tríbeč Mountain Range from the north-west and by Pohronský Inovec from the east. Picturesque scenery of a large English-style park with a monumental classicist chateau is situated in the northern part of the municipality.

The classicist wing of the chateau was restructured into a museum exhibiting historical furniture and household furnishings, such as pictures, period-style clocks, ceramics, carpets, embroidered oriental draperies and weapons. All of the movable property in the chateau is original as abandoned by the last aristocratic lords of the chateau and of the estate, specifically the Archduke Joseph August Habsburg with his wife the Archduchess Augusta, a granddaughter of the Emperor Franz Joseph I, when leaving the chateau in October 1918.

Topoľčianky Manor House

Main classicistic wing ot the castle is integrated with the remaining three renaissance wings. Main wing of the Chateau is one of the most beautiful and the cleanest demonstration od classicism architecture in Slovakia. At the present time the classicistic wing fo the castle became a museum of antique furniture.For purposes of congresses, trainnings, symposia, business meetings and weddings, the Chateau offers unique historical premises in classicistic tract.

Three renaissance wings of the chateau, including an attic extension, are currently used as a hotel. Their ground floor parts serve as catering and social premises.

Topoľčianky Manor House


The chateau library

The visitor’s attention is also attracted by the chateau library, which was founded by the Earl Ján Keglevich. The library was originally located in the Earl’s palace in Vienna and gradually replaced at Topoľčianky after the construction of the chateau was completed in 1825. At that time, the library contained about 10,000 volumes, predominantly including educational and science literature with the writings of French, English and German enlighteners, encyclopaedias, botanical and zoological atlases and others. After its founder, the library collection was later supplemented by his son Stephan and the Archduke Joseph August Habsburg until 1918, reaching the current number of more than 14,000 volumes.

Almost half of the books are written in German, one quarter in French and the remaining books are written in Hungarian, Latin and Greek, English and Italian. The collection also contains the first Slovak grammar in the work “Grammatica Slavica” of Anton Bernolák, published in Bratislava in 1790. The library has high historical value as it is one of the few fully preserved chateau libraries in Slovakia. It is currently used for research and scientific purposes.

The chateau chapel

The chateau chapel was established by the countess Alzbeta Rakoczy in 1662 in the north-western courner bastions.You can find there her picture. It is the life size painting of Alzbeta Rakoczy on the catafalque from 1663. that is the oldiest painting here. Her youngest doughter Alzbeta requested the Pope Inocent XI. for the permission fo pilgrimages to the chapel on the holiday of Virgin Mary Karmelskej and that is on the 16th of July. From that time theo pilgrimages had been made every year till nowadays.

Topoľčianky Manor House


Archaeological research was carried out in 1990 in the courtyard of the chateau and uncovered several layers of a much older settlement in this locality. Archaeologists also discovered foundations of the oldest stone architecture from the 13th century and from later centuries when other parts were built by the original construction in order to defend the fort.

From 1561, Topoľčianky became the Tekov County seat and remained as such for almost 200 years. At that time, the fort played a significant role in the defence against the Turks. Ján Topoľčiansky, a lord of the chateau, also known as “Turkobijca” (Turk Fighter), had the chateau rebuilt on its original foundations. The last major reconstruction of the renaissance chateau was made halfway through the 17th century by the Earl Ladislav Rákoczi, together with his wife Elisabeth, who was born as a Bánffy Countess which is witnessed by their alliance coat-of-arms with its Latin inscription from 1662, which is situated above the eastern entrance gateway.

Topoľčianky Manor House

Halfway through the 18th century, under the reign of Maria Theresia, the chateau and the entire estate were mastered by the Keglevich earls who owned it up to 1890. At the beginning of the 19th century, the third earl of the Keglevich family and the lord of the Tekov county, Ján Keglevich, ordered the southern renaissance wing to be demolished and replaced it in 1818 – 1825 with a classicist tract built according to a project by the Viennese architect Alojz Pichla. This classicist wing of the chateau is considered to be the nicest and cleanest demonstration of classicism in Slovakia.

In the nineteen-twenties, the chateau was used as the Czechoslovak presidential summer residence. The renaissance tract was extended by attic apartments that were sensitively adapted to the style of the architecture by the significant Slovak architect Michal Milan Harmic, and used for presidential guests and visitors. In almost every year of his presidential office from 1923, the first president of the Czechoslovak Republic, T. G. Masaryk, visited Topoľčianky where he always stayed for two months, usually in August and September. He used to visit the chateau not only for recreational, but also for working purposes. In 1951, Antonín Zápotocký was the last president to stay in the pleasant environment of the Topoľčianky chateau.

Topoľčianky Manor House


Museum of antique furniture, paintings, old clock, pottery, carpets and arms is avalable for wisitors during all year. All of the displayed items are origins left here by the last aristocratic owners of the caste.

The visitors enter into the room of renaissance, pass through baroque, rococo, neoclassical, empire, and in the end Biedermeier and secession style furnishings. So that each room in the classicistic wing reprezented a certain historical period of this history. The same could be said about the paintings around the castle.The most pictures are oil-painting from home and foreign peinters.

One of the most notable articles are the collections of ceramics, mostly pottery, which belong to the largest ceramics collections in the country. The collections scattered around the castle include Meissen and Vienna porcelain. The salons shelter 13 antique cloks, one of which are still run and several historical mirrors. In the drawing room of arms is isntalled a collection of arms about 100 pieces of various origin and age. There are intresting guns, sabres, longbow from various provinces and collection of mostly orietnal objects that were brought from outland as suvenirs by the last owners.

Topoľčianky Manor House


The village of Topolcianky is situated in the Zikava river valley, which is surrounded by the mountains of Tribec from the north-west and the mountains of Pohronsky Inovec from the east. Ideal area for cycling and walking activities. 55 km long Nitra Valley cycling route runs through the territory of the minicipallity starting in Vinodol, throught Zitavska pahorkatina and ending in Topolcianky. And the Hursov castle towers above the thick Tribec forests is good for tour.

In the only bison park of Piesky in Slovakia, which is situated just 6 km away from the centre of Topolcianky, visitors may see a free-ranging herd od Europan bison. Forests surrounding the Bison park are a hunters paradise. Hunting covering an area of 11,131 ha, the extensive game-preserve is one fo the largest in Europe.

The National Horse Breading Farm, which is just 5 min. from the castle is a specialized and unique facility intended for traditional and sport horse breeding. One of unique in Slovakia is as well the Hippological museum. Is a center of great interest for equestrian lovers. The region of Topolcianky is well-know for the growing of grapes of characteristic quality. The wine produced under the Chateau Topolcianky label is very popular in Slovakia as well as abroad.

Topoľčianky Manor House

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Topoľčianky Manor House

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