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Belianska Cave

The Belianska Cave, known by gold seekers as early as the first half of the 18th century, is located in an attractive environment of the Tatra National Park, in the eastern part of the national nature reserve Belianske Tatry. The visitor can admire flowstone waterfalls, pagoda stalagmite, pools and many other forms of cave decoration. There are speleotherapy courses provided in Belianska cave.
National nature monument, Belianske Tatras
Belianska Cave
Belianska Cave
Slovakia, Prešov region
City: Tatranská Javorina
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Belianska Cave

The primary caverns probably originated in connection with dissection of originally larger plateau of the Kobylí vrch above the cave, as well as with subsequent deepening of the Belá Valley. The largest underground spaces were formed already before the main Quaternary glaciation of the Tatras. The waters penetrating into the cave at the time of ice ages retreats had only partially remodelled the before formed underground spaces. The seepage waters are presently concentrated in the lowest parts of the cave, where they form occasional streams.

Lenght: 3641m    Depth: 160m

The cave length is 3,640 m with elevation range of 160 m. The entrance parts, accessible through thirled tunnel, contain chimney spaces opening into them and leading from the upper original entrance situated 82 m above the present one. Ascending and descending parts of the show path, determined by interbed surfaces of limestone, are rising from the Crossroads and are in places widened by collapses into domes and halls (Collapsed Dome, Dome of Ruins). Oval shapes of water modelling are preserved in several places (Pipe Dome, Long Corridor, Abyss Corridor). Remarkable vertical segmentation is supplemented by abysses (Famine Abyss, Hell) and chimneys.

Belianska cave

​Though the interest in natural attractions of the cave have been persisting for 125 years, the rules of its forming are not entirely clear by now. Attractive are the flowstone waterfalls (High Dome, SNP Dome, Waterfall Dome, Musical Hall) and pagoda stalagmites (Palm Hall). Other forms of calcite fill are also abundant (Gallery, Treasury, White Hall). Air temperature reaches 5,0 to 6,3 °C, relative humidity 90 to 97 %.

Seven bat species were determined in the cave. Dominating is the Greater mouse-eared bat (Myotis myotis). Occurrence of other species such as Whiskered bat (Myotis mystacinus), Brandt´s bat (Myotis brandtii), Geoffroy’s bat (Myotis emarginatus) is less frequent. Tiny invertebrates such as Bathynella natans can also be found in cave pools.

Cave tour

The show path is 1,370 m long with elevation range of 125 m, there are 860 stairs on the path. The stay in cave lasts about 70 min. The temperature ranges between 5 and 6,3°C.

Pagoda stalagmites and flowstone waterfalls more than 50 m long dominate the show path. One of the stops is in the Musical Hall, named after the sound of dripping waters on pool surface. This hall was used for organizing musical concerts of reproduced classical music because of its superior acoustics.

Belianska cave

Acces to cave

The cave is located on the northern slope of the Kobyli Hill in the eastern part of the Belianske Tatras Mts. It lies in the national nature reserve Belianske Tatras within the territory of the Tatra National Park.
Forest road to the Belianska Cave leads from the Tatranska Kotlina village, several kilometers north-easterly from Tatranska Lomnica. An educational trail leads to the cave entrance at the elevation of 890 m. The trail is 1,000 m long, and you need to overcome 122 m of altitude. The ascent lasts about 25 min.

Car access to Tatranska Lomnica
- From Poprad direction Smokovce, Tatransk Lomnica, Tatranska Kotlina – 30 km.
- From Stara Lubovna via Spisska Bela direction Tatranska Javorina – 40 km.

Belianska cave


Belianske Tatras - The mountain range is formed by a distinct 14 km long limestone ridge, spreading in east-west direction, lying almost perpendicularly to the ridge of the High Tatras. The mountain range has no tarn but despite it is considered one of the most beautiful and naturally richest part of the Tatra Mountains. Nutritious limestone soils offer here much diversified flora as compared with the High Tatras. Let us mention the most typical flower – alpine edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum).

Useful information

  • Caves are closed on Mondays and January 1. and December 24.-26., regular admission is realized at minimum of 4 persons.
  • The admissions can be realized according to the situation on decision of cave manager also between the times of regular ones.
  • Extra admission can be enabled by the cave manager on request of visitors also between the times of regular admissions. The fluency of operation cannot be disturbed and an extra fee must be paid.


Adults: 7,00 €  Seniors:  6,00 €
Children [6-15]: 3,50 €   Students: 6,00 €


Source:  www.ssj.sk

Belianska Cave

Tatranská Javorina - Poprad
LAT: 49.2283650 = 49° 13' 42.114"
LON: 20.3123980 = 20° 18' 44.6328"


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