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Bystrianska Cave

The Bystrianska cave - situated on the southern side of the Low Tatras close to the tourism centres Tále and Mýto pod Ďumbierom. The cave consists of two: the Old and New caves with a total length of more than 3,000 metres. The cave have an abyss character with dominating flowstone curtains hanging on calcite crusts. Some parts of the Bystrianska Cave are used for speleotherapy since 1971.
National nature monument, Low Tatra
Bystrianska Cave
Bystrianska Cave
Slovakia, Banská Bystrica region
City: Bystrá
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Bystrianska cave

The cave reaches the length of more than 2,600 m with vertical span of 95 m. It was formed by the ponor waters of Bystrianka flowing into the karst territory from the southern slopes of the Low Tatras Mountains in several developmental stages in dependence to the valley bottom deepening. Meander riverbed in the Old Cave is the oldest part of the cave, with an entrance situated 70 m above the present flow of Bystrianka. At present, the ponor watercourse is flowing through the lowest and youngest parts of the New Cave, which are situated 14 m lower than the 160 m distant ponor of Bystrianka in front of the cave. The water course appears also on the bottom of the nearby Bystriansky Doline, which has abyss spaces more than 650 m long and 165 m deep. The springs in Valaská are 3,300 m away from ponors with elevation difference of more than 70 m.   Lenght: 2637m   Depth: 95m

The main spaces of the New Cave have narrow and high fissure passages widened by corrosion and erosion of the water course. Shorter oval passages are prevailingly predisposed by interbed surfaces and they connect the narrow fissure passages in some places. The upper parts of tectonic faults are widened by corrosion of percolating atmospheric waters in several places. Also larger halls and domes are present, mostly of breakdown character (Collapsed Dome, Mostárenské Halls). The Hell Abyss 56 m deep opens into the lower parts of the New Cave.

Bystrianska Cave

Flowstone fill is dominated by curtains (Chapel), which sometimes hang from the edge of flowstone crusts formed on previous and later washed out river sediments (Baldachin). Aragonite occurs in places under the Hell. Air temperature is from 5,7 to 6,7 °C, relative humidity 92 to 98 %. Eight bat species were determined in the cave with the most abundant Lesser Horseshoe Bat (Rhinolophus hipposideros) and Greater Mouse-Eared Bat (Myotis myotis).

Cave tour

The show path is 545 m long and almost flat (20 steps). The cave is accessible also for disabled people. The visit lasts 45 min. The temperature ranges between 5,7 and 6,7°C.

The cave was formed by tectonical and erosional processes and modelled by underground stream, which flows at present through the spaces 15 to 20 m under the show path. You can see three abysses with the depth of 20 m during the visit. The cave is interesting by diversity of the underground spaces along the tourist path.

Bystrianska Cave

Acces to cave

The cave is located in the ponor zone of the Bystrá-Valaská Karst in the Bystrá foothills of the Horehronské podolie, on the southern edge of the Bystrá village, nearby the recreational resort Tále and on the southern slope of the Low Tatras. Cave entrance is at 565 m elevation above the sea, on the foot of the NW slope of the Chodorov Hill (748 m).

Access to cave

The cave is located on the southern edge of the Bystrá village, between Podbrezová and Mýto pod Ďumbierom. Cave entrance is about 120 m distant from the parking place with minimum vertical difference.

Car access to Bystrá village
- From Poprad, Liptovsky Mikulas via Liptovsky Hradok, Certovica direction Podbrezova – 75 km (Poprad), 50 km (Liptovsky Mikulas)
- From Banska Bystrica via Podbrezova direction Tále – 40 km.
- From Brezno via Valaska direction Tale – 12 km.

Bystrianska Cave


Bystrianska Valley - A valley important for tourism on the southern side of the Low Tatras, through which the brook Bystrianka flows. The valley is bordered by the hills Baba (1,617 m), Pálenica (1,653 m), Dereše (2,003 m), Chopok (2,023 m), Ďumbier (2,043 m) and Veľký Gápeľ (1,776 m). The Bystra Valley widens about 4 km in front of the mountain village Bystra into a wide belt of meadows called Tale. Tále originally meant a local name for parts of meadows and today it is one of the most visited centres of tourism in the Low Tatras.

Useful information

  • Caves are closed on Mondays and January 1. and December 24.-26., regular admission is realized at minimum of 4 persons.
  • The admissions can be realized according to the situation on decision of cave manager also between the times of regular ones.
  • Extra admission can be enabled by the cave manager on request of visitors also between the times of regular admissions. The fluency of operation cannot be disturbed and an extra fee must be paid.


Adults: 5,00 € Seniors:  4,00 €
Children [6-15]: 2,50 € Students: 4,00 €

Source: www.ssj.sk

Bystrianska Cave

Bystrá - Brezno
LAT: 48.8397240 = 48° 50' 23.0064"
LON: 19.5928250 = 19° 35' 34.17"


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