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Domica Cave

Enjoy the exciting underground boat ride in the cave! Close to the state boundary with Hungary there is the Domica Cave, forming a single genetic unit with the Hungarian Baradla Cave. Except for the typical flowstone shields, drums and rimstone lakes, the visitors admire underground boat ride on the Styx River.
National nature monument, World Heritage Caves, Slovak Karst
Domica Cave
Domica Cave
World Natural Heritage
Slovakia, Košice region
City: Kečovo
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Domica Cave

The cave is formed in the Middle Triassic pale Wetterstein limestones of the Silica Nappe along the tectonic faults by corrosive and erosive activities of Styx and Domický Brook and smaller underground tributaries draining waters mainly from the non-karst part of the basin. Horizontal oval passages with ceiling troughs dominate the cave. The passage are in places widened into domes and halls. The passage of Styx gains a character of underground canyon with meanders. Three development levels are situated in a relative lowering of 8 to 12 m. The lowest level is filled up with gravels and loam.

Lenght: 5368m     Depth: 12m

Domica Cave is connected with the Čertova diera Cave and together they reach the length of 5,358 m. They also form one genetic unit with the Baradla Cave in Hungary with the total length of about 25 km, from which almost one quarter is in the Slovak territory. The cave is rich in sinter fills, from which the most typical are shields and drums, cascade pools (Roman Spa – Rímske kúpele, Plitvice Lakes – Plitvické jazierka), onion-like stalactites and pagoda-like stalagmites. Also other sinter forms occur in the cave. Air temperature ranges from 10.2 to 11.4°C and relative humidity from 95 to 98 %.

Domica Cave

Cave tour

The short tour is 780 m long, the long tour (without boat ride) has 1,180 m, the tour with boat ride is 930 m long, of which the boat ride is 150 m. Elevation distance is negligible, 3 - 7 m. Duration of the short tour is 45 min, the long tour and the tour with boat ride last 60 min. The temperature in cave is from 10,2 to 11,4°C.

Domica Cave together with the Hungarian Baradla Cave make a unique cave complex lying in two states – Slovakia and Hungary. Except the boat ride on the Styx River, which is very attractive, the visitors can admire plentiful flowstone forms with outstanding Rhoman Spa in Majkov Dome.

The cave is also a significant archaeological finding place, since the prehistoric man lived here 5-6 thousand years ago in the Early Stone Age - Neolithic. Various stone and bone artefacts were found during archeological discoveries and you can see some of them in the entrance part of the building.

Domica Cave

Acces to cave

Located on the south-western edge of the Silicka Plateau in the Slovak Karst National Park, close to the state border with Hungary. Cave entrance is on the southern foothill of Domica Hill at elevation of 339 m.

Access to cave

The cave is located 10 km to the south-east from Plesivec (village between Roznava and Tornala), 2 km from the state boundary with Hungary. The parking place is directly at the entrance building. There is educational trail starting from the entrance building and educational exposition installed inside.

Car access to cave
- From Rožňava through Plešivec direction Domica – 25 km,
- From Tornaľa through Plešivec direction Domica – 25 km.

Domica Cave


Slovak Karst

The Slovak Karst, located on the Slovak and Hungarian border, is surrounded by the South Slovakian, Roznava and Kosice Basins and Volovske Hills. It is the largest karst territory of Slovakia. The area of 36,100 ha is included in the national park with protection zone of 34,900 ha.

The Slovak Karst consists of 7 plateaux: Koniarska Plateau, Plesivska Plateau, Silicka Plateau, Horný vrch, Zadielska Plateau, Jasovska Plateau and Dolny vrch. Jelšavský karst is adjacent on the western edge. The Slovak Karst is formed mostly by Triassic limestones and dolomites reaching the thickness of 400-500 m in the southern part and divided by deep canyons of the Slans and Stitnik rivers, as well as by Zadielsky and Hajsky brook. The plateaux are full of dolines, springs, caves and abysses.

Useful information

  • Caves are closed on Mondays and January 1. and December 24.-26., regular admission is realized at minimum of 4 persons.
  • The admissions can be realized according to the situation on decision of cave manager also between the times of regular ones.
  • Extra admission can be enabled by the cave manager on request of visitors also between the times of regular admissions. The fluency of operation cannot be disturbed and an extra fee must be paid.


Adults: 7,00 - 6,00 € Seniors: 6,00 - 5,00 €
Children [6-15]: 3,50 - 3,00 € Students: 6,00 - 5,00 €

Source: www.ssj.sk

Domica Cave

Kečovo - Rožňava
LAT: 48.4775340 = 48° 28' 39.1224"
LON: 20.4699920 = 20° 28' 11.9712"


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