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Jasovska Cave

Jasovská Cave is located in the Medzev Upland in the western part of the Košice Basin. The cave became the first show cave in Slovakia in 1846, however the upper parts had been known as early as the 13th century and the inscription from 1452, which records the victory of Ján Jiskra’s from Brandýs military force, represents the oldest written mention in Slovak caves.
National nature monument, World Heritage Caves, Slovak Karst
Jasovska Cave
Jasovska Cave
World Natural Heritage
Slovakia, Košice region
City: Jasov
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Jasovská Cave

The Jasovská Cave is formed in Middle Triassic grey Gutenstein dolomites and pale Steinalm limestones and dolomites of the Silica Nappe. The massif of the Jasov Rock is markedly disrupted by faults and numerous fissures, which condition the prevailing direction of passages and to great extent also the number of passages in the cave. The Jasovská Cave reaches the length of 2,811 m with vertical span of 55 meters.

Lenght: 2811m    Depth: 85m

The underground space were formed progressively in several development phases from the highest passages to the lowest parts of the cave in relation with the development of the Bodva River valley. Upper and some bottom parts of the cave with high meander passages and halls with ceiling troughs were formed by corrosive and erosive activities of ancient ponor waters of Bodva. The lower parts of the cave with domes, halls, wall notches and flat roofs were formed by more or less stagnant water. The lowest parts of the cave with flat roofs were formed by solution of limestone under conditions of slowly moving stagnant water.

The lowest parts of the cave including a part of the show path use to be flooded in consequence to water-table fluctuations. The lowest level of cave lake is 7 m below the surface Bodva River level, which doesn’t flow through the cave at present. An occassional flooding of the cave lower parts doesn’t correlate with Bodva River fluctuations.

Jasovska Cave

Several parts of the cave are decorated with rich flowstone fill. Pagoda-like stalagmites, columns, flowstone waterfalls, shields, drums, straw stalactites and other forms are eye catching. Air temperature ranges between 8.8 and 9.4 ºC, and relative humidity between 90 and 98%.

Bones of cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) and cave hyena (Crocuta spelaea) were found in the cave as remains of ancient animals. Nowadays, the Jasovská Cave is a very important bat locality. By now, 18 bat species were found in the cave. They stay in the cave mainly in the winter season. The most abundant is the Greater Horseshoe Bat (Rhinolophus ferrumequinum) and Lesser Horseshoe Bat (Rhinolophus hipposideros). The cave is one of the most important wintering places of the Greater Horseshoe bats in Slovakia. A tiny palpigrade Eukoenenia spelaea represents the rare invertebrates.

Cave tour

The show path is 720 m long with 30 m elevation span. There are 339 steps in the cave. The vertical distance between entrance and exit is 28 m. The visit lasts 45 min. Air temperature ranges between 8,8 and 9,4°C with relative humidity of 90 to 98 %.

The cave was formed by ponor waters of Bodva in the Mesozoic Triassic limestones in five development levels. It has a rich flowstone decoration. Plentiful sinter fills are represented by pagoda-like stalagmites, columns, sinter waterfalls, shields, drums, straw stalactites and other forms. The cave is an important wintering place for bats. More than 19 species of the total 24 living in Slovakia visit this cave. The cave had been known as early as the historic times, which is evidenced by the late Hussite soldier inscription in the Hussite Hall of 1452.

Jasovska Cave

Acces to cave

Located in the Medzev Upland on the western side of Jasov village. A branch from the state road E571 Košice – Rožňava at the petrol station in Moldava nad Bodvou leads to the cave by road no. 550 (10 km) or from direction Spišská Nová Ves – Smolník - Štós. Cave entrance is 100 m away from the parking with flat surface.

Car access to cave
- From Košice direction Rožňava through Moldava nad Bodvou, turn to Jasov – 35 km
- From Rožňava direction Košice through Soroška, Moldava nad Bodvou, turn to Jasov – 50 km,
- From Spišská Nová Ves through Smolník, Štós - 75 km.

Jasovska Cave


Slovak Karst

Slovak Karst spreads in the territory of the eastern Slovakia, it was declared national park. The area represents the largest and most typical plateau karst in the Central Europe. This was the reason UNESCO in 1977 designated this territory a biospheric reserve – the first one in Slovakia.

There are plateaux inclined to the south divided by canyons. There are three classical show caves Domica Cave, Gombasecka Cave, Jasovska Cave with nearby Ochtinska Aragonite Cave. The territory is mostly forested. The original forests were preserved on southern slopes with downy oak and on northern slopes with European beech.

Useful information

  • Caves are closed on Mondays and January 1. and December 24.-26., regular admission is realized at minimum of 4 persons.
  • The admissions can be realized according to the situation on decision of cave manager also between the times of regular ones.
  • Extra admission can be enabled by the cave manager on request of visitors also between the times of regular admissions. The fluency of operation cannot be disturbed and an extra fee must be paid.


Adults: 5,00 € Seniors: 4,00 €
Children [6-15]: 2,50 € Students: 4,00 €

Source: www.ssj.sk

Jasovska Cave

Jasov - Košice-okolie
LAT: 48.6772120 = 48° 40' 37.9632"
LON: 20.9770360 = 20° 58' 37.3296"


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