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Krasnohorska Cave

Near the village Krasnohorska Dlha Luka, in the northern edge of the Silicka planina plateau in the Slovak Karst, is the Krasnohorska cave formed by the underground flow of the Buzgó brook. The cave boasts unique 34 m high dripstone column - the tallest stalagmite in the moderate climate zone. You can visit the Krasnohorska Cave in the Slovak Karst on a guided tour by the Speleological club cavers!
National nature monument, World Heritage Caves, Slovak Karst
Krasnohorska Cave
Krasnohorska Cave
World Natural Heritage
Slovakia, Košice region
City: Rožňava
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Krasnohorska Cave​

The Dripstone of Roznava Cavers belongs to the highest sinter formations – dripstones – in the world. It is still registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest sinter column in the world. Large caves and big dripstones as well are more often created in tropical karst where conditions for their formation are the best. The highest known dripstone 70 m high was found on China in the cave Zhi Jing.

34 m high and approximately 2000 tons heavy dripstone in the Krásnohorská Cave is a real miracle of nature. Even we know the conditions which helped to its growth it is hard to understand its formation has lasted for less then 10.000 years. Its upper age limit was dated by using C14 method on a sample from its predecessor fallen down in the past and lying below it. More then 200 kg of new sinter is added every year. In comparison, average growth rate of stalactites in the Slovak Karst is 1 gram per decades to hundreds of years.

Lenght: 450m     Depth: 50m

Interior spaces dont have any electrical lighting, lamps on helmets are used. Before the sightseeing of cave spaces, you get waterproof overall, safeguard helmet with small but all the more powerful lamp and appropriate briefing, in the store of guide service. After this preparation, your small adventurous trip in this really interesting cave can begin. At the beginning, you will pass the tunnel then continue by narrow pavement where wooden bench alternates with armed ropes.

Krasnohorska Cave

This route really doesn`t have much in common with sightseeing routes in another caves. Roughly after one hour of slow moving forward, you will see first slight flows, which are changing to bigger and bigger. This is a signal that you are not far away from wishful destination. You will climb the last vertical ladder and you are on the spot. The guide will turn the miniature lighting on and something unimaginable will appear before you. Stalagmite is 34 meters high and has 12 meters circumference wihch includes it belongs to the biggest in the world. The real giant between all stalagmites in caves in Slovakia.

After a while of watching this creation, the question, how many millions of years has it taken to the nature to create such a masterpiece, instinctively comes into your mind. The age forecasted by experts is yonger then 13 000 years. Cavemen from Roznava discovered this magnificence along with the cave in 1964. The subterranean spaces were inaccessible to the public for a long time. The cave belongs in the world cultural and natural heritage heritage site „The Caves of Slovak and Aggtelek Karst“ since 1995.

Cave tour

You will pass 450 m long route built up by using wooden footbridges lying above an underground stream, which flows through the main cave passage. Besides, you will climb several ladders and cross two rope traverses hanging above lakes. It is not difficult and visitors enjoy it very much.

The route is suitable almost for every healthy person. Visitors from 6 to 76 years old have already passed it. Children under 15 can enter the cave only accompanied with parents. As the route is characteristic by a broken terrain it’s good to have hiking shoes. If you do not have suitable shoes they can borrow you gum boots for 1 Eur.

Krasnohorska Cave

Acces to cave

The Speleological Guide Service has its office by the guest-house Jozefína in Krasnohorska Dlha Luka village, where visitors register themselves on the visitors list and get necessary caving equipment for a visit. When going to the guest-house Jozefína, you must turn right on a big road curve in Krasnohorska Dlha Luka village when coming from the village Jovice or turn left when coming from the village Lipovnik. Further keep going straight along a stream and when coming to the second bridge, cross it. You will get just to the courtyard of the guest-house. In case no guide is there at the moment, please ask for information directly in the guest-house or try to call a guide.

The cave entrance is situated approximately 800 m far from the guest-house Jozefína. A natural wal- king trail with several information boards starts in the middle of the village and leads to the cave. It will give you information about caves in the Slovak Karst, which are listed in the World Heritage.

Car access to cave
- From Poprad direction Rožňava through Vernár, Dobšiná and Štítnik – 80 km,
- From Rožňava direction Košice- 15 km.


Krasnohorska Cave

​Betliar Manor House

At the beginning of the 18th century Štefan Andrássy decided to build a manor house with corner bulwarks on foundations of an old castle from the 16th century. In 1792-1795 his successors rebuilt the manor house in the Classicistic style. 70 hectars large park with exotic trees and bushes, numerous Classicistic and Romantic buildings arose around the manor house. A forest surrounds the park.

The manor house lost its Classicistic design after it was rebuilt in 1880. It started to be used by hunters and nobles. Nowadays, in the manor house there is a museum of historical flat culture, furniture from the 15th-17th century, classicistic and empire equipment. You can find there collections of paintings, portraits, a library with more than 20, 000 books, gun collections and hunter`s trophies, exotic souvenirs from all around the world esp. from Asia and Africa.

Useful information

  • Visitors meet the guide in the office (see the map below) by the guest-house Jozefína in Krásnohorská Dlhá Lúka village. After registration and getting necessary equipment a group walks about 1 km to the cave entrance.
  • The visit lasts approx. 2 and 1/2 hours. During high season  15.6  – 15.9, visiting times are at 9 a.m., 11,30 a.m. and 2 p.m. During other months, it is necessary to book the visit by phone. Due to high interest we recommend to book your visit during summer too.
  • Caves are closed on Mondays and 1.1,  24 - 26.12, 1.3 - 31.3.


Adults: 10,00 € Seniors: 8,00 €
Children [6-15]: 8,00 € Students: 8,00 €

Source: www.krasnohorskajaskyna.sk

Krasnohorska Cave

LAT: 48.6180560 = 48° 37' 5.0016"
LON: 20.5875000 = 20° 35' 15"


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