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SKI Drienica - Lysá ★ ★ ★ ★

Ski resort Drienica - Lysá offers to discover the joy and fun of a holiday on the sunny side of Čergov mountains. Admirable skiing experience and pleasure relax will be solid part your winter stay. Professional and broad services, good prices, beautiful scenery as well as freedom, adrenaline, snow and beauty of Čergov's mountains makes this place a popular destination for young people, families and lovers of forest calmness and nature. 
SKI Drienica - Lysá
SKI Drienica - Lysá ★ ★ ★ ★
Slovakia, Prešov region
City: Drienica
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SKI resort Lysa
SKI resort LysaSKI resort LysaSKI resort LysaSKI resort LysaSKI resort LysaSKI resort LysaSKI resort LysaSKI resort Lysa

SKI resort Drienica - Lysa

SKI resort Drienica - Lysa offers a pleasant stay in beautifull scenery of the Čergov mountains. SKI resort is equipped with well maintained slopes with various difficulty, numerous maintained crosscountry tracks, SKI schooll, various winter attractions and other additional services. Powerfull snowsystems and proffesional services assure enjoyment of pleasure ski stay. Mountain Rescue Service & heliport is based in the resort.

SKI resort Drienica - Lysa is suitable for recreational, training, children and family skiing. SKI resort offers the possibility of day and night skiing - fast lifts and snowing are available.

Snow board fest takes place in SKI Drienica - Lysa each year

Number of ski tows / cableways 10x / 1x Longest piste 1 900 m
Lenght / Number of pistes 10 800 m / 16x Vertical drop 531 m
Capacity: 9 600 pers./hour Queue Time max: 5 min.
Artificial snow support 2 000 m Cross country ski tracks 4x/ 60 000 m
Night skiing 1 000 m Average season 120 days

Easy pistes: 7  (5 650 m)                                            Map of SKI Drienica Lysa
Middle hard pistes: 7 (4 750 m)                                      
Hard pistes: 3  (2 800 m)                                             Map of SKI Lysa

SKI resorts Drienica - Lysa
SKI resort Drienica


Facilities and Services

RENT of SKI, snowboards, sport equipment   SKI and snowboard school
Attractions for non skiers   Attractions and SKI scholl for kids
Restaurants, Fast foods, Apres ski bars   Skipass contactless technology
Shop of sport eqiupment   Ski-service
Parking free, Medical aid   Profesional mountain rescue service

SKI resort Drienica
SKI resort Drienica

About SKI resort Drienica – Lysa

SKI resort Drienica - Lysa is more than 13 000 m of maintained pistes which 2 000 m can be covered by artificial snow, offers ski terrains of various difficulty suitable for all range of skiers, snowboarders and for children of course. SKI resort Drienica - Lysa has slopes situated from 1 068 amsl to 537 amsl with total vertical drop of 531 meters. Ski season is from December to March. SKI resort Drienica is connected to SKI Lysa by seat cableway.

Open hours: 9:00 - 16:00       Night skiing: 18:00 - 20:00 

Pistes provide a wide options for ski techniques improvement and enjoyment. For kids is to their disposal suitable kid`s lifts and SKI school and for persistent skiers night skiing with 1 000 m of illuminated slopes.

SKI resort Lysa
SKI resort Lysa

SKI resort Drienica - Lysa provides accommodation, gastronomy services, services for skiers: ski&snowboard rental, SKI school, free parking, wellness + indoor pool, medical support. There are to visitors dispossal additional services - accommodation in mountain hotels, and for no demanded skiers tourists mountain chalets and cottages.

There are available winter attractions for non skiers, winter tourism, wellness, local cuisine specialties.

SKI resort Drienica - Lysa at out of winter season offers excellent conditions for summer holiday: relax, recovery, tourism, cycle tourism, horse ride, camping, summer sports, forest berries. Resort Drienica - Lysá is outstanding place for children's camps, school trips and training camps also at out of winter season.

Regional city Prešov - opportunity for shopping (malls), in good prices and as place with historical monuments is 25 km far of resort.

Source: www.skidrienica.sk   www.ski-lysa.sk

Useful information

SKI resort Drienica - Lysá offers high quality services and provide a lot of pleasure of skiing. This is proven by the fact that the SKI resort Drienica - Lysá is very popular among local skiers as well as by skiers from abroad. We met there skiers from USA and Australia. If you know a hotel that is not on our website - please contact us and we will book it for you.

Transportation to the SKI resort  Drienica - Lysa

• SKI resort  Drienica - Lysa is accessible from road # 68 Prešov - Stará Ľubovňa.

• Distance 5 km from town Sabinov, via Drienica village.

• Alternative - transfer to SKI resort from bus stop in Drienica (1km) or by SKI bus within a winter season.

SKI Drienica - Lysá

Drienica - Sabinov
LAT: 49.1638030 = 49° 9' 49.6908"
LON: 21.1394840 = 21° 8' 22.1424"


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