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Spa resort Bojnice

Mountains rounded moderate climate with rich forests and thermal healing water with the temperature 28 to 52 ºC water was utilise for spa treatments in medieval times by noble families Thurzo and Palfy. Magic place rounded by mountains, romantic castle, unique healing thermal water are magnetic for all who look for place for relax and regeneration for centuries.
Spa resort Bojnice
Spa resort Bojnice
Slovakia, Trenčín region
City: Bojnice
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from 41.00 €1 pers. / Breakfast
Spa hotel Lysec
Bojnice - Prievidza – 0 m
from 35.00 €1 pers. / Breakfast
Spa hotel Banik
Bojnice - Prievidza – 0 m

Spa resort Bojnice

Bojnice Spa lies in the very heart of Slovakia. It is a charming and peaceful spa resort that, thanks to a combination of its geographic location, climate and water composition, gives its guests ideal conditions for the natural curative treatment processes, regeneration, rest and tranquillity.

Moreover, it is situated in 298 meters above sea level in the eastern part of the Mala Magura mountain range in the Upper Nitra region.

Natural thermal springs and the charmimg landscape near Bojnice Castle have been creating such harmony for centuries...

SPA resort Bojnice

The whole spa area is protected on three sides by mountains with rich broad-leaved and coniferous forests. It has a moderate climate with an average temperature of 9°C and gives 2 000 hours of sunshine a year. 

Simply this is the right place for anyone who is tired of everyday hectic life and who is looking for some peaceful place to rest the body and soul in harmony...

SPA resort Bojnice

Healthy nature sources

Healing treatment procedures in Bojnice Spa is based on natural healing hydrogen-carbon-sulphate, calcic-magnesium hypotonic thermal water with the temperature from 28 to 52 ºC which rises out of 9 springs with discharge of 40 litres per second from the depth of 1 200 – 1 500 meters.

The thermal water improves metabolism and immunologic reactions in cells, function of issues, oxygen supply and thus the general health condition.

The healing water positively influence on vegetative nervous system, particularly on its parasymphatetic part.

SPA resort Bojnice


Spa Bojnice are specialized for treatments and prophylaxis of disorders:

✔ Locomotive organs diseases

  • rheumatic
  • degenerative (arthritis, back aches)
  • inflammatory (advanced athritis of joints, Bechter disease, post infectious arthritis)
  • lumbosciatica
  • scoliosis
  • post injury conditions
  • conditions after backbone and orthopedic operations.

✔ Diseases of the nervous system

  • conditions after inflammations of the central and peripheral nervous system
  • conditions after operations of the nervous system
  • conditions after vascular cerebral hemorrage (stroke)
  • sciatica
  • vasoneurosis.

✔ Gynopathies

  • chronic female sexual organs inflammatio
  • dysovarism
  • infertilit
  • after inner genital tract operation condition
  • after abortion and extra-uterine pregnancy complications.

✔ Kidney and urinary tract diseases

  • non-tubercular kidney and urinary tract inflammation
  • kidney stones
  • after kidney / urinary tract / prostate operation condition
  • after kidney transplantation condition.

✔ Occupational diseases

  • bones, tendons, muscles, blood-vessels and nerves diseases caused by working with pneumatic tools, working with vibrating tools, one-sided overload, noise, toxic chemicals.




baths in 3 hydrothermal, 3 rehabilitation and 2 open air pools
– water treatment in underwater massage tubs: in bubble water tubs, carbonic water tubs, whirlpool tubs, Jacuzzi
– hydrokinetic therapy

SPA resort Bojnice

Reflexive treatment

– massages: classical, reflex
– manipulative backbone treatment
– acupuncture


– packs and compresses: parafangal, paraffin, peat 
– diathermia

Therapeutic physical exercise

– rehabilitation: individual, group
– mechanotherapy

Electrotherapy — Oxygen therapy — Light therapy

SPA resort Bojnice

Drinking therapy

All the springs produce a total of about 3 million liters of water/day, which higly exceeds it’s daily consumption. The springs are underground interconnected and thus they have almost similar chemical composition. They contain mainly carbonate and sulphate compounds, mainly high content of curative sulphur, silicic and boric acid.

All thermal springs contain a multitude of currative trace elements and they are radioactive.

Acro-therma improves cellular metabolism and immunologic reactions, the functional ability of tissues, their oxygen suply and thus the general condition of the organism. It has a positive effect on the vegetative nervous system. This medical water is also recommended for drinking therapy.


Spa stay Exclusive

Spa stay Exclusive

SPA stays
from 6 nights / FB
from 288.0 €
In the Spa Bojnice is nine curative springs, which provide almost three million liters of thermal water each day. Healing water has a positive effect on the overall condition of the body. Gift you…
Complex spa stay

Complex spa stay

SPA stays
from 6 nights / FB
from 234.0 €
Spa resort Bojnice belongs to the slovak spa resorts with a long tradition, the first written document about the resort refers to 1549. The healing water has a positive effect on the entire musculoskeletal…
Healthy holiday for all

Healthy holiday for all

Wellness stays
from 6 nights / FB
from 228.0 €
Wellness program for all, includes daily swim in the thermal pools with healing water, relax in wellness center, which is located in a medical complex Mier, stretching exercises and relaxation of the…


The history of the Spa is closely connected to the history of Bojnice Castle. The first written record of Bojnice thermal springs was found in a document of King Koloman. It dates back to the year of 1113 and is now kept at the Zobor Abbey. In this document the thermal springs in Bojnice are mentioned as fons fervidus (hot springs). As early as that time the Spa springs were used for healing and curative purposes

Bojnice castle has come a long way in its rich history, from its beginnings at the time of the reign of the King Koloman through the times of well-known monarchs such as Bela IV, Matúš Čák Trenčiansky, Ján Korvín, the Thurzo and Pálfy families. From among these important feudal landlords, it was Alex Thurzo, a resident of Betlanovce, who founded the Spa in the first half of the 16th century. The first written record about the Bojnice Spa dates back to the year of 1549. Its author Juraj Werhner describes it as water tanks with various temperature of water. After the reconstruction of the Spa by Pavol Palffy the document from the year of 1671 says that there were five pools under one roof in the Bojnice Spa. The best bath pool was built up of stone. Other pools were made of wood but they were still stylish and clean.

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the Count of Pálfy reconstructed the castle as well as the Spa. Modern development of the Spa began in the 1930 s when the Spa was owned by reputed businessman Ján Baťa.

Bojnice aquired the statute of the spa town on 17 June 1959. Since then the spa treatment has been provided not only for domestic patients but also for patients from abroad.

SPA resort Bojnice


The location of the Spa in a peaceful, forested atmosphere removed from the busy urban areas, creates an optimal environment for healing, substantially contributing to both physical and mental relaxation.

Guests here have a great opportunity to relax at the café, the sweet shop, the winter garden or on the summer terrace, all right in the Spa. Each of you can choose from variety of concerts, folk music and dance parties which take place regularly. In addition, guests can visit “Čajka”, a popular nearby thermal open air pool, experience the most beautiful castle in Slovakia, or spend time in the Slovakias oldest zoo.

Nearby you can go on hikes in the surrounding hills and mountains, take cycling trips, go horseback riding, or go skiing or fishing. If you are interested in finding more about the area of the Upper Nitra Region you also may take part in our organized field trips.  

Beautiful spa park
Spa resort Bojnice

Bojnice castle
Bojnice castle

Trenčin - The historical city attracts tourists with many historical monuments - the Trenčin Castle, Parish stairs and the statue of St. John Nepomuk, the Parish Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, the Executioner’s house, Roman inscription on the castle rock, the Piarist church of St. Francis Xavier, the Synagogue ... (approx. 13 km).


Trencin castle
Trencin Castle

Spa resort Bojnice

Bojnice - Prievidza
LAT: 48.7745650 = 48° 46' 28.434"
LON: 18.5726120 = 18° 34' 21.4032"


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