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Spa resort Brusno

Health Spa Brusno - applicates as an essential therapeutic agent a mineral water with rare chemical contain. Except of natural resources, Spa Brusno provides high quality material and technical equipment and qualified staff. The greatest pride of our spa is crystal-clear air, quiet and beautiful countryside around which makes you forget about you everyday problems and enjoy the quiet and relax.
Spa resort Brusno
Spa resort Brusno
Slovakia, Banská Bystrica region
City: Brusno
Skype: go2slovakia.eu


from 73.00 €1 pers. / Breakfast
Hotel Poľana
Brusno - Banská Bystrica – 31 m

Spa resort Brusno

The Brusno Spa lies at the hill of Slovak oremounts, north-eastwards of Banska Bystrica, at the foothill of valley called Hell. The spa is in the altitude of 424m above the sea level. The spa boasts views of gorgeous surroundings as well as views of the Low Tatras peaks, especially dominant Prašiva with the highest peak Veľká Chochuľa in 1 753m above the sea level.

The spa locality is characterized as a mildly stimilating area.

All services are provided in modernized spa hotel Poľana 4*, where all departments are newly equipped and are under one roof. Along with natural resource advantages, the Brusno spa boasts high-quality technical equipment and highly-qualified personnel.

During their stay, our clients can undergo various examinations, such biochemical and hematologic blood examination, EKG, sonografical abdomen and heart examination (ECHOKG) and ergometry. Health care is provided on premises 24 hours a day.

SPA Brusno

Healthy nature sources

In the spa Brusno, the healing spring water provides a natural healing resource. Different mineral waters, such as medium -mineralised, carbonated, sulphate-acidcarbonated, calcium-magnesium-sodium, mild acidic and cold hypotonic mineral waters spring from numerous springs here.

For their healing powers, the mineral waters are commonly applied to our clients in form of seating baths, bath tube treatments and bubble baths.


The basis for treatment of gastrointestinal diseases are mineral water treatments. They are rich in minerals, therefore Brusno spa delivers those in stores all over Slovakia.

This mineral water is named Natural healing water Brusnianka and it is filled from Ondrej spring and, of course, bottled here in the spa.

SPA Brusno


Spa Brusno are specialized for treatments and prophylaxis of disorders:

Cardiovascular diseases

✔ Digestive system diseases

✔ Metabolizmus diseases / diabetes mellitus

Diseases of the endocrine glands

Neurological diseases

Diseases of musculoskeletal system

Civilization diseases (chronical liver disease of toxic origin).

Healty procedures

Physical therapy

Diadynamic, galvanisation, interference currents, electrostimulations, pamatron, erboterm, biolamp, ultrasound, hydrogalvan, TENS, diatermy.

Mineral and pool baths

Tub mineral bath, mineral buble bath, sea-salt tub bath, eteric-oil tub bath, aromatherapic tub bath, mineral peat bath, mineral seating bath, rehabilitation pool treatment.

Hydrotherapeutic procedures

Underwater massage, masáţ, high-pressure water treatment, upper and lower limb whirlpool bath, changing foot baths, overall whirlpool bath.

SPA Brusno

Therapeutic exercises

Group and individual therapeutic exercises, group pool exercises, group exercises /aerobics/, individual pool exercises, group pool exercises /aerobics/.


Traditional partial or full massage, reflexive massage, Japanese-style massage (shiatsu), reflexive foot massage, traditional cervical spine massage, soft techniques.


Paraffine wrap, dry peat wrap, peat wrap.

Other procedures

Gas CO2 injection shots, inhalations, oxygen therapy, sauna, steam room, dry carbonic bath, accupuncture, gym.

SPA Brusno

SPA Brusno


Traditional spa stay
from 5 nights / FB
from 495.0 €
Customized spa treatments, individual approach, natural mineral resources surrounded by national park. Vital minerals are delivered to your organism improve blood circulation and your gastro and metabolism…
Spa stay light

Spa stay light

SPA stays
from 2 nights / HB
from 162.0 €
Leave the stress of everyday life behind and experience beautiful national park in its purest form. Natural mineral sources and beneficial treatments, this combination leaves your body revitalizing while…


SPA Brusno

SPA Brusno


Spa resort Brusno

Brusno - Banská Bystrica
LAT: 48.7842400 = 48° 47' 3.264"
LON: 19.3970040 = 19° 23' 49.2144"


Skype: Go2Slovakia.eu
E-mail mail@go2slovakia.eu
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