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Iodine Spa resort Ciz

Spa Ciz are unique with its healing waters - as iodine water is very rare in the word. Spa Ciz with its natural healing iodine -br mine water belongs to more than 150 years between the rare medicinal resources of its kind in Slovakia and in Europe as well. Spa environment is characterized by healthy non-irritating sunny climate. Spa Ciz has highest number of sunny days within a year among to other Slovak spa.
Iodine Spa resort Ciz
Iodine Spa resort Ciz
Slovakia, Banská Bystrica region
City: Číž
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Iodine Spa Ciz

Natural Iodine Spa Ciz are situated in middle south of Slovakia, near to Hungarian border in the south district of Rimavska Sobota in the village Číž at an altitude of 174 amsl. Spa Ciz have more than 150 year history. Spa Ciz were almost completely re-built - all accommodation facilities are renovated, as well as spa park. Health care is provided by qualified medical staff.

Due to the high iodine content spa Ciz are sole of its kind in central Europe.

Between of spa houses Rimava and Milan was built Water World - summer lido with four swimming pools. Except of therapeutic treatments, clients can relax in the sauna world, gym and fitness, during the summer season in the area of outdoor pool complex, play tennis, golf, bowling, billiards, table football, golf simulator use.

Spa Complex is embedded in the maintained forest - park, which also creates opportunities for pleasant walks after treatments.


Healthy nature sources

Healing spring HYGIEA

To consider healing effect of water and balneology value of natural springs this is spring ranked to among the rarest in the whole Europe. Rare mineral water is sorted to salt and its origin is related to the occurrence of oil deposits. Water is used for drinking cures.

This spring is the richest in Europe for salts iodine and bromine, which are rare in the mineral waters.

Characteristic of mineral water from the spring Hygiene - Natural, healing, highly mineralized, iodine-bromine, sodium chlorine hypotonic water temperatures of 14 °C and pH 7.3. It is hygienic with an increased content of lithium and bromine. The total mineralization of water is 11,318 mg/ l.

Rareness - Spa treatment of children in natural iodine water -  Hippotherapy

Spa House Milan with an accommodation capacity of 58 beds providing healing care for children aged 3 - 18 years. Individual approach aims to ensure the appropriated treatment, considering to illness, age, educational, psychological and social needs of the child.

Regular, orderly life in harmony spa house provides a daily regime - treatments, teaching, board, resting, after-school employment and cultural life.



Spa Ciz are specialized for treatments and prophylaxis of disorders:

✔ Cardiovascular diseases

✔ Diseases of musculoskeletal system

Metabolic diseases and endocrine glands disorders

Nervous diseases

Occupational diseases, civilization diseases.


Within treatments are providing mineral and additive baths, hydrotherapy and massages, electrotherapy, thermotherapy, therapeutic exercises, summarized more than 40 kinds of treatments.

Mineral bath

Iodine full bath - iodine half bath - ozone bath + dry wrap.


Hydrotherapy and massage

Whirlpool - whirlpool baths - foot bath, Scottish showers - OCEAN underwater massage - classic massage - massage reflex.


Iontophoresis - hydrogalvan - diadynamic - interference streams - magnecom - pulsed magnetic therapy - ultrasound pulse - pulsed shortwave diathermy - solux - bioptron lamp - laser therapy - individual inhalation - sun ray.



Complex spa stay

Complex spa stay

SPA stays
from 5 nights / FB
from 210.0 €
Sunny, warm and friendly place with source of rare mineral water utilized for main medical therapies. Iodine – Bromine water in combination with various curative treatments provide high curative…


Spa Ciz owes to their origin to the accidental discovery of the springe in 1862, when digging wells encountered locals to salt water. Analysis confirmed that the spring water contains some salt healing elements, especially iodine and bromine, which are mineral waters occur rarely. The first spring of iodinated water was named Themis.

At a depth of 35 meters was find salt water with high content of iodine and bromine for therapeutic purposes - Hygiea spring, which is already more than 100 years used for drinking cure.

In spa Číž was the beginning of the 19th century alive spa life. Patients have to their disposal tennis, music in the park with excellent primášom, dance evenings, boating and swimming in Rimava, mail, telegraph, phone, jewelry shop. Spa season have duration from May 1 to September 30.

The fact that CIZ healing water is a rare and unique in the world confirm several international certificates and recognitions.




Popular and frequently used rehabilitation method, especially for children with coordination disorders and nerve-muscular diseases is also hippotherapy, which is implemented positioning, seating and horseback riding since 1999.

With this case of therapy is targeted combination of movement effect of the horse to human body. Except of medical care can be taken course horseback riding, guiding children on horseback, riding in the area and in the field with an instructor and a variety of day tours.


SPA Ciz   

Iodine Spa resort Ciz

Číž - Rimavská Sobota
LAT: 48.3126600 = 48° 18' 45.576"
LON: 20.2815230 = 20° 16' 53.4828"


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