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Spa resort Dudince

Spa resort Dudince - Favourite rest place for regeneration of the mentality of inlanders as well as outlanders almost of the all world. Water of a similar composition can only be found abroad at spas in Vichy France and Japan. The good position, warm stable climate and a mineral waters’ unique ingredients in a single stay heals together diseases of several systems.
Spa resort Dudince
Spa resort Dudince
Slovakia, Banská Bystrica region
City: Dudince
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from 26.00 €1 pers. / Only bed
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SPA resort Dudince

SPA Dudince - the newest spa in Slovakia, located in the Hont region, on the foothill of the Krupinská kotlina basin. Anyone who comes to Diamant has the opportunity to find out for themselves about how exceptional and beneficial Dudince’s mineral water is for their body.

Water of a similar composition can only be found abroad at spas in Vichy (France) and Japan. The basic therapeutic ingredient for cardiovascular system diseases is sulfur in the form of hydrogen sulfide

Everything under one cover: - various scale of the health procedure - competent team of the doctors - comfortable quiet backround and mild staff - spacious and superior accommodated rooms - barrierless approach - long-term experience and magnificent medical results - modern equipment of the instruments (cardiologic ambulance, plastic surgery, laboratory).

SPA Dudince

Healthy nature sources

The foundation for spa treatment in Dudince is the mineral water’s rare balneological properties. The chloride bicarbonate, calciferous sodium, carbonic, sulfur hypotonic water also contains other important elements such as magnesium, fluorine, bromine, boron and potassium as well as a rich palette of dissolved minerals, particularly Glauber’s salt (sodium sulfate), which also relieves some illnesses of the digestive tract, along with manganese and iodine. The water rises spontaneously from a depth of 57.2 m, measuring 28°C at eruption, and with total mineralization of 5,667 mg/IŻ1.

The unique thing about the water here is that it is the only one in Europe to contain both carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. Measured in Europe, these healing springs have an unequalled composition with a current content of 6-10 mg/lŻ1 free sulfur and 1,400 – 1,800 mg/lŻ1 of carbon dioxide.

The large quantity of dissolved mineral substances and gases make these springs among the most valuable healing waters you can find.

SPA Dudince


Mineral water of Dudince contains Glauber´s salt (magnesium sulfuricum) . It is a bitter salt, which work regenerationally to the alimentary canal and to the lymfatic system. It is used at all in the detoxicative medicine as an aid of the detoxicative process aimed at the defecation of the lymfatic system. Glauber´s salt is a basis of the mineral springs in the world-known spa Karlove Vary.

Sulphur content in the water impacts positiv of the skin – especially ladies appreciate this effect – loss on the gathers, on cellulitide, but also by the treatment of many dermatine diseases as a psoriasis or dermatitide.

Spa resort Dudince


Spa Dudince are specialized for treatments and prophylaxis of disorders: 

cardiovascular diseases

diseases of musculoskeletal system

neurological diseases

civilization diseases.



Tank bath

Dudince mineral water is fed into a tank, where the mineral water is heated to a temperature of 34-36°C. Based on the diagnosis and condition of the cardiovascular or motor system, a doctor determines the temperature and length of the bath. After the bath is finished, the patient is wrapped in a sheet and wool blanket for an average period of 20 minutes to lengthen the beneficial effects of both flowing gases: carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) .

Spa resort Dudince

Spa bath in a pool

This is offered to patients whose circulation is steady. There are a maximum eight people in the pool at any one time, calm is required and no one is allowed to swim. After bathing, the patient is wrapped in a sheet and blanket.

SPA Dudince

Parafango - 1:2 mixture of powdered medicinal mud and paraffin with paraffin oil, heated in a thermobox to 56°C and formed into dough on glassine to be locally applied on individual joints or parts of the back but not the entire body. Treatment lasts 20 minutes.

Sand bath the patient actively moves their fingers for 10 minutes in a tank of tempered, coarse-grained sand (mainly used for degenerative changes in finger joints).

Shortwave diathermy uses the heat effect of a high-frequency current, without the applicator touching the body, to heat and vascularize the tissues, muscles, tendons and joints. It decreases pain and pathological muscle hypertone. The procedure lasts 10-12 minutes for a 60-140W dose.

Local cryotherapy application of a freeze-dried current of air or a frozen bag in a dry covering on aching joints, chiefly with symptoms of inflammatory reaction.

CO2 subcutaneous injections - 5-10 milliliters of medicinal carbon dioxide (CO2) is injected into the skin (intradermally) and subcutis (subcutaneously) with a soft needle at trigger points, places of maximum pain at the back of the neck and in the pectorals, waist and individual joints. Injections are specifically made at points where there is ischemic disease to the heart or poor vascularity in the limbs. The effects are reflexive, improving local vascularity and easing aches in the muscles, joints and internal organs.

Rehabilitative swimming is available at two pools: Outdoor (25 x 12 m), open from May to September, Indoor (16 x 8 m) open year round. Water temperature in the pools is from 29–31°C, constantly recycled and hygienically regulated. Hydro-kinesis therapy, group exercise, individual exercise, fitness room a room for individual training, yoga with relaxation, cross-country walks, exercise to music.

Hydrotherapy  - The upper and lower extremities are bathed in a whirlpool at normal water temperature in a whirlpool treatment that last 10 minutes. Scottish shower - a 10-minute massage with alternating streams of warm (42°C) and cold (12°C) water from the legs upward – front and back (except the head and genitals). Treadle bath - alternating warm and cold water baths, regularly switching between 2 minutes in one and 15 seconds in the other for 10 minutes.

SPA Dudince


Spa stay Exclusive

Spa stay Exclusive

SPA stays
from 4 nights / FB
from 285.0 €
Spa Dudince resort offers more than 70 types of curative and relaxation treatments. Combination of unique mineral water and listed tretatments have significantly beneficial effect to human body. The rare…
Traditional spa stay
from 4 nights / FB
from 193.0 €
Anyone who comes to spa resort Dudince has the opportunity to find out for themselves about how exceptional and beneficial Dudince’s mineral water is for their body. And whoever is convinced will…
Spa stay light

Spa stay light

SPA stays
from 4 nights / HB
from 167.0 €
Health is a precious condition and gift we particularly value when we’ve lost it. Come to relax from everyday worries and be filled with new energy from sources of SPA resort Dudince. Water of a…
Wellness stay Dudince

Wellness stay Dudince

Wellness stays
from 5 nights / HB
from 204.0 €
Spa Dudince, by its climate are belongs to the warmest places in Slovakia. Spa Dudince are situated in environmentally friendly and green area what it have great importance for expose climatotherapy to…


The first written mention of Dudince (Dyud) was recorded in 1284 (by landsman Stefan, a royal messenger). A 1301 document mentions a settlement divided in two: Horné a Dolné Dudince. The present-day name dates from 1773. In literature, Dudince was mentioned for the first time as a spa in 1777 in a balneography of healing springs in the Austrian Monarchy written by Professor Johann von Crantz, in which he named the mineral waters there the Gyogy warm curative springs. Matej Bel also drew attention to them in 1742 in his History and Geography of North Hungary.

The healing power of Dudince’s water has been well-known from time immemorial. Historical fact, as well as excavations and digs in the vicinity of the original mineral waters, called the “Roman Spa”, which the Romans carved into the travertine at the time when Rome was expanding its empire, testify to its utilization not just by people today. The Dudince mineral springs were included among the property belonging to the feudal lords. In the middle of the last century, the spa was owned by the Prince of Coburg, who did not however pay much attention to its development.

Famous visitors

Dudince was a favorite spot for King Matthias of Hungary as well as Elisabeth, the wife of Franz Josef I. The leading political and cultural figures from both inside and outside Slovakia have honored Dudince with a visit to the town. Each year organized events such as the Dudince 50 and Country Fest become an essential part of Dudince.

SPA Dudince


The village Sebechleby is located at the foot of the Štiavnicke Vrchy, 13 kilometers from the city of Krupina. The well-known and visited neighborhood of Old Mountain, which is today an open-air museum, was founded in the 16th century at the time of battles with the Ottoman Empire. To hide themselves from the Turks, the inhabitants had dug large holes into the cliffs, where they could seek refuge. You can find here a unique historical reservation of folk architecture: protected one- and two-room wine cellars with support columns that were built above basements carved into the travertine. The village is known for its wine-making tradition. In Sebechleby, you can visit an original wine cellar, taste a little wine and enjoy the local specialties and Slovakian cuisine.

The Sväty Anton Manor House - Located south of Banská Štiavnica, it is distinguished by its many cultural and historical landmarks. One of them is the Sväty Anton Manor House, built in the 18th century by the Koháry family. A remarkable fact about this place is the symbols of the calendar that cover it: the four building wings symbolize the four seasons of the year, 12 chimneys reflect the number of months, 52 rooms express the number of weeks in the year and 365 windows the number of days. An experience is the annual St. Hubert Days hunting celebration, while children will enjoy the Fairy Tale Forest.

SPA Dudince

Banská Štiavnica is a historic medieval city lying in Banská Bystrica Region beneath Sitno Mountain’s peak in the Štiavnicke Vrchy, the town was first mentioned in 1156. The city became a free royal city in 1245. Banská Štiavnica was one of the largest cities in Hungary and moreover the most significant producer of silver, tin, zinc and lead in Europe. In 1762, the Mining Academy was founded - the first mining university in the world. Banská Štiavnica was declared in 1950 as one of the first Historical City Preservation sites in Slovakia. The city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Center since 1993.

Banská Štiavnica

Esztergom - The city lies on the Danube, directly on the border with Slovakia. On the Slovak side opposite Esztergom is the city of Štúrovo. The first king of Hungary, who founded the country and was later canonized, was born in Esztergom. The established symbol of the city is the unique 19th century Neoclassical Basilica, which is the largest church in Hungary and has the largest altar picture painted on cloth. The main square, Szecsényi tér, is a preserved artistic monument in Hungary.

Spa resort Dudince

Dudince - Krupina
LAT: 48.1685330 = 48° 10' 6.7188"
LON: 18.8780500 = 18° 52' 40.98"


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