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Spa resort Lucky

SPA Lucky is the one of oldest traditional SPA in Slovakia. Spa Lucky is located on the boarder of regions Liptov and Oravaon at the hillside of Big Choc. Locals know about healing mineral springs since 1761. SPA provides high quality therapy of musculoskeletal diseases, osteoporosis and complete therapy of gynecological diseases, and it is the only spa in the country with long history in womens diseases. Calm family atmosphere and qualified personal might be find within a beautiful surround of Chocské mountains.
Spa resort Lucky
Spa resort Lucky
Slovakia, Žilina region
City: Lúčky
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from 34.00 €1 pers. / Breakfast
Hotel Choč
Lúčky - Ružomberok – 68 m
from 35.00 €1 pers. / Breakfast
Dependance SPA Lúčky
Lúčky - Ružomberok – 0,3 km

SPA resort Lucky

Lúčky Spa is situated in the south orientated mountain`s valley below the hillside of Choč, at an altitude of 621 amsl. SPA is located 14 km northeast of Ruzomberok and 280 km distant from capital Bratislava, near to route Bratislava - Žilina - Košice. Spa is located in a quiet mountain area and are suitable for all who wants to relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Mineral water from springs HGL - 3 and BJ - 101 (Valentine) is used in all pools and separated baths. It is suitable for drinking at the same time and is accessible not only accommodated guests but also to the general public.

Spa Lucky is suitable for all ages , offers different types of stays - medical, therapeutic and preventive, stays focused on the treatment of osteoporosis and reducing. The company management is adapt offer to requirements of its customers and to increase client`s interest different events are organized. They take a first class care of all family members.

SPA Lucky


In SPA resort Lúčky was built new round year open AQUA VITAL PARK in 2008. His part is sitting pool with thermal mineral water 36 - 38 °C, leisure pool with water temperature 28 - 33 °C with various attractions - air seats, counter stream, air beds, water bowl, massage jets, spouts, underwater lighting.

SPA Lucky

Healthy nature sources

Decisive factor in the complex spa treatment is thermal mineral water form spa`s spring Valentine with 32 °C and thermal water from the spring HGL-3, which are in natural form used in swimming pools and after heating in all separated baths.

Thermal mineral waters in spa Lucky are classified as natural, medicated, weak mineralized, hydro-sulphate, calcium, magnesium, carbonated water, hypotonic, tepid.

In according to the chemical content, waters are belong to petrogénnym, carbonate-sulfatogénneho nature. They have a weak calcium-sulphate type chemistry. The gaseous components is an important content of free CO2, which greatly assists in shaping the resulting water chemistry. Although the spa treatment of physical and gynecological disorders is complex and must be, nevertheless focus lies in the physiotherapy treatment acts, relying on the use of natural medicinal resources.


The mineral water cures the locomotive organs, urological and gynecological diseases, nerve diseases, civilization diseases. Especially convenient is it for the treatment of osteoporosis, which is known as an illness of the child`s age with old man s consequences.

SPA Lucky


Spa Lucky are specialized for treatments and prophylaxis of disorders:

diseases of musculoskeletal system and osteoporosis

women / gynecological diseases

oncological diseases

neurological diseases

civilization diseases.


Poll and baths

They use a swimming pool for a period of 25 min. and hydrokineziotherapy (group exercises). Baths extended balneotherapy by appropriated form. Baths include - carbonated mineral bath - whirlpool mineral bath - Ingredient`s mineral baths - aromatic, herbal, peat, sultanate - whirlpool.

SPA Lucky


Paraffin is applied locally as hot packs, in according with diagnose and Doctor`s prescription. Paraffin is heated to a temperature 44 ° C.


SPA Lucky uses peat with pure organic content from 85 - 95%, which is modified by mineral water into a thick paste. Thus, enriched by minerals as it wraps applied to pelvic area, for musculoskeletal conditions locally.


- Services include - classic massage - underwater massage - reflex massage - Japanese massage - whirlpool - Scottish shower - lymph drainage: manual and instrumental.

Sauna`s world

- Finnish sauna, menthol sauna, Roman steam bath, Kneipp bath and thepidarium. Beneficial effects of saunas are generally well known. Hot air in the sauna induces sweating and eliminate of toxic substances, opens pores, improves blood circulation and effect calming and relaxing. To disposal is internal pool with temperature of mineral water 33 -35 ° C.

SPA Lucky


RELAX & FUN Tatralandia

RELAX & FUN Tatralandia

Aquapark stays
from 7 nights / BB
from 230.0 €
The mineral waters of Tatralandia are beneficial to motion and respiratory organs and are also suitable for mental and physical relaxation. You will feel yourselves like in a hot bath when you enter relaxation…
Traditional spa stay
from 5 nights / FB
from 285.0 €
Take a curative stay or a therapy designed in accordning with essentials of our life. Curative stays will restore and revitalize all bones as well as whole organism. Curative treatments utilize, by ages…
Spa stay light

Spa stay light

SPA stays
from 5 nights / FB
from 280.0 €
Osteoporosis a silent thief of bones what troubling our lives. Stay is suitable for all who self love. Natural thermal mineral compounds penetrate in deep each part of your body a regenerate all your…
Wellness stay Lučky

Wellness stay Lučky

Wellness stays
from 3 nights / HB
from 144.0 €
Wellness stay - costumed designed stay for women and girls. Spend stay and enjoy natural power of minerals and spa treatments to obtain back own confidence and beauty.


Therapeutic effect of mineral springs which are to the fundamental spa treatments in Lucky spa. These feature have been known since deep past. Experience with the healing features of the Lucky springs proven they been seek by patients for centuries.

At 18 century were known of all the thermal and cold springs in Liptov, there was a lack of knowledge about water features and benefits.

SPA Lucky

Spa Lucky begun to develop on turn of 18 and 19th century. Spa treatment have been based on proven methods and some spa regime was valid. Indications have been set in according with chemical analysis of water. Spa Lucky visited for treatment locals as well as foreigners.

SPA Lucky

Spa resort Lucky

Lúčky - Ružomberok
LAT: 49.1324140 = 49° 7' 56.6904"
LON: 19.3992130 = 19° 23' 57.1668"


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