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Spa resort Nimnica

Spa Nimnica is called the mineral pearl of Slovakia. Extraordinary chemical content of the mineral springs beneficially affecting the whole organism able to treat several diseases at once. SPA Nimnica are belongs to smaller Slovak spa. Spa are important part of Slovak spa tradition empower by professional background, excellent customer care and beautiful nature surrounded by dam lake.
Spa resort Nimnica
Spa resort Nimnica
Slovakia, Trenčín region
City: Nimnica
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Spa resort Nimnica

The youngest Slovak spa - Nimnica is situated between the towns of Povazska Bystrica and Puchov in the north-west of Slovakia. The Spa is situated at the foreland of hill called Javorník which is streching into dam in altitude of 300 m. Climatically conditions have a character of submontane climate with soft winters, warm summers. Mass of water in dam make saving microclimate. Location on south slope wihc protects a protection against southern winds.

Extraordinary chemical content of the mineral springs beneficially affecting the whole organism influenable to treat several diseases at once.

Nimnica has abundant possibilities for the leisure time right in its area or nearby. In addition to the off er of organized trips, excursions and outings, there is also a possibility of an individual non-intensive tourism in the surrounding nature, rich in forest trails, romantic hideaways, mushrooms and breathtaking views.The seasonal boat cruise on the lake, possibility of fi shing, location directly on the bicycle track and multifunctional playing area guarantee sports experiences.

SPA Nimnica

Healthy nature sources

The mineral water contains trace elements like potassium, magnesium, chlorine, iodine, sodium, calcium iron, and free carbon dioxide, the therapy leans on drinking of this water, inhalations and carbon dioxide bath.

The beneficial effects of the mineral water in combination with favourable climatic conditions and pleasant environment can be used in the following treatment procedures: – treatment by drinking the mineral water – carbon dioxide baths – hydrotherapy – underwater, classical, reflexology massages – therapeutic group and individual exercise – electrotherapy – thermotherapy – sauna – swimming and exercising in water.

SPA Nimnica


Spa Nimnica are specialized for treatments and prophylaxis of disorders: 

Diseases of musculoskeletal system 

Digestive system diseases

Diseases of the endocrine glands

Metabolizmus diseases / disorders

Cardiovascular diseases

Respiratory diseases

Oncological diseases

Neurological diseases

Women / gynecological diseases

Civilization diseases.


Water and heat therapy

Classical massage – partial massage – Underwater massage – hydroxeur, massage – Scottish shower – Mixing stepping Spa – Reflex massage – Whirlpool bath – Steppers – Jacuzzi bath – Bath dioxide.

SPA Nimnica

Swimming – Group exercise in the pool.


Diathermia short wave or long wave – Galvanizing simple – Hydrogalvan – Sun Mountain – Solux – Ultrasound – Interdyn – Erbogalvan – Bioptron – Phyaction E

Inhalation therapy

Warm inhalation – Aerosol inhalation with the addition of pharmacies – Group inhalation

Exercise treatment

Gym individual treatment – exercise treatment group.

Wellness centrum

For relaxation there is also a salt cave and medical wellness centre with saunas, whirlpool, Kneipp spa and tepidarium.

SPA Nimnica


Complex spa stay

Complex spa stay

SPA stays
from 6 nights / FB
from 276.0 €
Selected treatments with unique natural resources stored almost whole Mendeleyev table active restore your vitality, recovery your body to cell level and your mind and organism will be purified out of…
Spa stay

Spa stay

SPA stays
from 6 nights / HB
from 225.0 €
These treatments reinforced by natural minerals are gentle enough even for extremely stressed and tired muscles and organism. Fine procedures focused for specific needs for relax and detoxication will…


The oldest preserved written mention of the village of Nimnica comes from 1408. The area surrounding the village of Nimnica is also rich in archaeological finds. An important place of excavations is the Puchov rock, where many valuable objects, documenting the period of the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman influence and Puchov culture, were discovered in different layers of soil.

In 1953 at he shaft sinking of dam lake was found suspicious water under the level of river Vah, which was clean and clear but a little salty and it sparkled. After hydrogeological research was caught in several hole a carbon water with high concentration of substnaces. This foundation provoked attention around the people and in some cases of employees of Dam lake were found positive medical influence. There was very quickly spread a fame about miracle healing of those waters.

Under the pressure verdict and after checking of healing of those waters was a decision to use them for healing for airways and enterons. The village developed and expanded thanks to establishing the spa. These days there is a designating list enriched about more groups of illnesses.

SPA Nimnica


Water dam, approximately 12 km long and 1 km wide, is a vacation spot with the opportunity of cruise with trip boat, water sports, it is a heaven of fish and water birds, which is possible follow from the dam wall.

Hiking in the wood-park and in the distant hills called Javorníky is ideal for hiking lovers and cyclohikingoffers undemanding walks in the woods with a beautiful panorama into surroundings.

SPA Nimnica

Historic town Trenčín

More south you would find Trenčín with medieval castle Trenčiansky Hrad. Directly on the rock there is roman lettering about victory II. roman legion over dutchmen in 179 with name of block Laugaritio.

Approximately 25 km in north from the Spa Nimnica is a town - regional centre called Žilina, urban preserve with many museums. There is a near town called Púchov where is an archeological museum and museum of wheels, next one in other direction there is town called Považská Bystricaruins of castle of Považská Bystrica.

Lednické Rovne is south direction from the Spa Nimnica, it is famous by glass industry and by Slovak glass museum

Spa resort Nimnica

Nimnica - Púchov
LAT: 49.1295830 = 49° 7' 46.4988"
LON: 18.3701460 = 18° 22' 12.5256"


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