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Health resort Novy Smokovec

Spa Novy Smokovec belongs amongst the famous climatic spas in Slovakia. It is located directly in the centre of the High Tatras, at 1010 metres above sea level. The unique alpine climate of the High Tatras and its beneficial effect on human organism was one of the main reasons to establish climatic spa in this mountain range, particularly in the settlement Novy Smokovec.
Health resort Novy Smokovec
Health resort Novy Smokovec
Slovakia, Prešov region
City: Vysoké Tatry
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from 61.00 €1 pers. / Breakfast
Hotel Palace
Smokovec - Poprad – 2 m
from 39.00 €1 pers. / Breakfast
Hotel Palace Grand
Smokovec - Poprad – 172 m
from 35.00 €1 pers. / Breakfast
Hotel Branisko
Smokovec - Poprad – 0,3 km

Health resort Novy Smokovec

The basic method of treatment is climatotherapy and active movement of patients in the fresh air, combined with walk and hike in the beautiful surroundings of High Tatras. In the first years of the newly introduced climate therapy, the Tatra sanatoria was using a higher level of medical equipment and methods than the well-known Alp resort of Swiss Davos.

Spa hotels in Novy Smokovec are after renovation. New pool, new gym, modern convention center was built and medical treatments were upgraded. Spas become multifunctional complex, which ensures high quality services to wide rang of customers.

The real glory of the spa Novy Smokovec founders was a huge glass covered winter garden with rich and colorful flora, fountains, little lakes, private spots with lovely benches, and sensitive lightening. Forest birds flew in a huge hall, and music was performed every evening. A restaurant, cafeteria, and bowling room were directly connected to the hall, as well as a 65 m long, covered walking colonnade with a 6m altitude difference.

SPA Novy Smokovec

Healthy nature sources

In according with the Swiss classification of climatical therapeutic spas, these are rated at stimulation level 2, with ionising influence. The low air pressure resulting from the mountain location, the yearly average of over 1800 hours of sunlight, the clean and dust-free air saturated with ozone and fragrant evergreen scent, moderate humidity and moderate average temperature, all combine to create an exceptional convalescent.

High professional standard of its staff together with lovely, quiet surrounding provides perfect conditions for everyone to recover both from bronchial diseases and stressful bustle of city life.

SPA Novy Smokovec


Spa Novy Smokovec are specialized for treatments and prophylaxis of disorders:

✔  Respiratory diseases

Civilization diseases

Metabolizmus diseases / disorders

Mental diseases / disorders

Diseases of the endocrine glands.




The curative therapy is based on climatotherapy plus individual inhalation procedures, respiratory and relaxing exercise, hydrotherapy, electric therapy, and thermo- and oxygen therapy. Spa treatment takes place in according with individual treatment program described by the treating physician.

Inhalation therapy

  • Inhalation - This is the breathing of microscopic elements of mineral water, or medicine by nose or mouth. It is used in diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract. Affected Anti-inflammatory and liquefies mucus, facilitates expectoration, extends the bronchi.
  • Oxygen Therapy - This is inhalation of oxygen. The goal is total refreshment, regeneration, increase physical and mental activities. Treatment can even stop various degenerative diseases, slows the aging process.


Peat packs - peat is created from more than hundreds of plants growing in fertile soil. Hides a lot of nutrients, natural trace elements, minerals and easily absorbing substances through the skin. Meticulously increases blood circulation, improves muscle and joint operation, support rapid absorption of hematomas, improves healing of severe skin eczema, improves skin orange and many others.

Massages - Electrotherapy - Physical therapy


Bubble bath - Scottish shower - Whirlpool - Wellness Center.

SPA Novy Smokovec

Swimming in salt water

You can dulcify your stay by swimming in relaxing swimming pool. Water is slightly salty and naturally antiseptic. Compared with seawater, which has 10 times, higher concentration of salt - use of the bath is more comfortable and even with eye open diving in the pool is not unpleasant.

Average temperature of water is 26 to 28 degrees. Swimmers have the opportunity to swim in pool with counter stream. Saunas users will enjoy a smooth transition from the pool directly to Finnish sauna with an optimum temperature of 90 degrees. Combine relax in the pool and sauna will pleasantly refresh after a day spent in the High Tatras.

SPA Novy Smokovec


RELAX & FUN Tatralandia

RELAX & FUN Tatralandia

Aquapark stays
from 7 nights / BB
from 230.0 €
The mineral waters of Tatralandia are beneficial to motion and respiratory organs and are also suitable for mental and physical relaxation. You will feel yourselves like in a hot bath when you enter relaxation…
Traditional spa stay
from 10 nights / FB
from 350.0 €
High Tatras - extraordinary place with the mountain energy, with pure and ionisated natural air combined with well fit treatments will show you path for life full of health, relaxation, and stability.…
Relax stay

Relax stay

SPA stays
from 5 nights / HB
from 190.0 €
Best way how to escape all disorders and deceases is good prevention. This stay will give you huge amounts of oxygen and beneficial effects of treatments provided in resort. Majestic mountains ambient,…
Spa holiday in the High Tatra
from 3 nights / HB
from 120.0 €
Stays in the mountains has a unique atmosphere in each season. Infinite beauty and energy of Tatras treats the human soul and also the human body. Smokovec settlement is close to everywhere, offers excellent…


The area of Novy Smokovec was founded by Mikulas Szontagh senior after his first private sanatorium was built in the year 1876. The main therapeutic element offered was the all year round climatic cure, and sun-beds. Thanks to the successful introduction, and growing prosperity, of his sanatorium, the resort was extended with the addition of new spa houses.

By 1899, the sanatorium complex already consisted of 26 buildings and 12 summer-houses. Szontagh´s sanatorium was the first specialist TB (tuberculosis) clinic in whole Hungarian Empire.

SPA Novy Smokovec


The settlement is also a good starting point for tours into the valleys, and it is immediately connected with Stary Smokovec.

Part of both Novy and Stary Smokovec were linked by architectural style. Several high quality hotels, pensions and spa can be found in the town.

SPA Novy Smokovec

SPA Novy Smokovec

The settlement created as a curative resort. The first in wich the patients could be treated throughout the year. Gradually tourist services were added and a skiing center for less demanding skiers was build.

Sport grounds both, for summer and winter sports, can be found here, and in the part called Sibír is situated one of the housing estates for permanent residents.

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Health resort Novy Smokovec

Vysoké Tatry - Poprad
LAT: 49.1381930 = 49° 8' 17.4948"
LON: 20.2173590 = 20° 13' 2.4924"


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