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Spa Piestany, thermal SPA, Spa Slovakia
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Spa resort Piestany

Natural healing sources - thermal mineral water and unique sulphuric mud - are the cornerstones of the Piešťany spa which has become worldfamous thanks to its modern methods of treating rheumatism and other disorders of motion. Spa Piestany is located on the beautiful Spa Island which has a luxurious park, rich cultural and social life and numerous possibilities for active relaxation.
Spa resort Piestany
Spa resort Piestany
Slovakia, Trnava region
City: Piešťany
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from 58.00 €1 pers. / Breakfast
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from 149.00 €1 pers. / Breakfast
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Vila Trajan

Spa resort Piešťany

Health Spa Piešťany is the largest spa in Slovakia with a tradition reaching back almost two hundred years. The thermal mineral water containing 1500 mg of mineral substances per liter and a constant temperature of 67 - 69 °C from the unique sulfuric springs is responsible for the excellent reputation of the spa. The water wells up from a depth of 2.000 meters under the surface and brings up very specific chemical compounds and the energy of the earth’s magma. Sediments that originate in the places where the springs reach the surface in the buttress channel of the Vah River form the basis of the local inimitable curative sulfuric mud, a peloid that is unique in Europe as well as throughout the world.

Physicians and physiotherapists at the spa use state-of-art balneology treatment methods based on newest scientific discoveries. The portfolio of more than 60 different therapeutic and relaxation treatments enables each spa physician to prepare a “made to fit” therapeutic plan for every guest individually. The guests’ condition usually improves after a mere two weeks of spa treatment. Apart from treatment, Health Spa Piešťany offers regenerative and preventive stays, as well as weekend stays for those who just want to come and rest for a few days. 

SPA Piestany

Healthy nature sources

Piestany Spa owes its reputation mainly to its unique natural springs of thermal mineral water.
Thermal mineral water - The unique thermal water rises from ten springs through tectonic breaks at a depth of approximately 2,000 metres. It contains 1,500 mg of mineral elements per litre of water, and is trapped at a depth of 60 m, which guarantees a constant chemical composition and temperature. The water temperature of the 10 springs at the outlet is from 67 to 69°C, and it is used for baths and drinking cures. These springs bring to our waters many specific chemical compounds and energy from the earths depths.

This water is the main factor in the formation of our incomparable healing curative sulphur mud. The most important component for treatment of diseases of kinetic locomotive apparatus is the high content of sulphur (from 6 to 10 mg per litre), which occurs in the water in various forms and chemical compounds (sulphates, sulphites, sulphides). Even the high content of hydrogen sulphide is important –on average 4,7 mg per litre of water.

SPA Piestany


Sulphur mud - Spa Piestany s sulphur mud is a unique peloid. Its base is a homogenized sediment precipitating in the river Váh by-pass branch on the site of the current hot springs of the sulphuric thermal mineral water. It is prepared for balneological application using original technology which causes it to mature and regenerate and is accompanied by a multitude of chemical and biological reactions.

Mud packs of Piestany mud have positive effects on cartilage nutrition, mineral changes in bones, articular capsules, muscles, and tendons. Its effects on intervertebral discs are also notable; the substance of the intervertebral disc is renewed and its hydration improves significantly. Another noteworthy effect is the suppression of the activity of leukocyte elastase which is involved in the destruction of joint structures during inflammatory joint disorders.

SPA Piestany


Spa Piestany are specialized for treatments and prophylaxis of disorders:

Diseases of musculoskeletal system

Neurological diseases

Civilization diseases

Treatment of obesity


Mud pool

Unique to Health Spa Resort of Piestany is the mud pool treatment. This is available in three of our spas on the spa island – Pro Patria, Irma and Napoleon Health Spas. The mud pool is comprised of a natural bed of sulfur mud from between 10 - 30 cm thick, penetrated by hot thermal mineral water springs, the water level above the mud being from between 50-90 cm.

The temperature of the mineral water varies from 39 - 40 °C, in places directly over the springs sometimes reaching higher levels.  During the treatment the heat from the mud and thermal water helps the blood vessels dilate reducing blood pressure and relaxing the muscles, additionally the sulfur and minerals are also absorbed through the skin, where they inhibit the degradation of elastine and collagen in the cartilages, sinews and connective tissues. It is possible to stand, slowly walk, sit or even conduct gentle joint mobility exercises whilst in the pool.

Mud pack

The mud is applied either by pump or hand onto the body in a 5 cm layer, with exception to the head and frontal parts of the chest and neck. Its temperature is normally between 40 - 45 °C. The mud pack results in a reduction of local swellings around the joints, a reduction of muscle tension and better nutrition of the cartilage, connective tissue and spinal discs. It also strengthens anti-inflammatory activity and immune processes within the body.

SPA Piestany

Carbon dioxide thermal bath

The carbon dioxide thermal bath is an individual bath of thermal water at a temperature of between 32-34 °C into which is pumped small ‘fizzy’ bubbles of carbon dioxide gas. The treatment lasts 20 minutes during which the small carbon bubbles fizz and coat the skin as the gas is absorbed into the body through the skin.

The treatment is ideal for general relaxation as there is a pleasant soothing feeling of general tickling from the carbon bubbles. Also during the treatment the heat from the thermal water helps the blood vessels dilate reducing blood pressure and relaxing the muscles. The carbon gas combined with the thermal water therefore has this ‘double’ effect. The treatment in our spa is followed by a full body 15 minute dry wrap.  

Mirror pool

Rich in minerals and warmed by the heat of the earth’s interior, thermal mineral water is probably one of the most remarkable natural remedies known to mankind. Thermal water naturally springs up, or is pumped artificially to the earth’s surface, normally from a depth of about 2000 meters. After this it then cools to a temperature suitable for bathing which is usually between 36 - 39 °C. You are encouraged to relax in the thermal bath for 15 - 20 mins daily unless otherwise advised by one of our doctors.

Treatments price list

SPA Piestany


Relax stay

Relax stay

Wellness stays
from 2 nights / HB
from 100.0 €
Popular relax spa stay offering unique procedures - thermal baths and mud baths.
Curative spa stay

Curative spa stay

SPA stays
from 7 nights / FB
from 392.0 €
This spa stay with individual approach is designed for spine or cardiology disease prevention, to treat and prevent musculoskeletal system disorders and rheumatoid arthritis. Selected combination of procedures…
Complex spa stay

Complex spa stay

SPA stays
from 7 nights / FB
from 374.0 €
This results oriented Traditional spa stay in famous spa Piestany improves and stimulates overall your body with focus to musculoskeletal system disorders and rheumatoid arthritis utilizes a unique mineral…
Complex spa stay for children

Complex spa stay for children

Children's treatment
from 7 nights / FB
from 434.0 €
Чи страждає ваша дитина від болю або порушень опорно - рухового апарату? Спа Stay Спрямована на лікуванні захворювань опорно - рухового і нервової системи.  Довіртеся досвіду лікарів і терапевтів…


People say that curative effects of our springs were first discovered by Roman legions. Roman horses were so tired after their long journey that they could not continue without rest. Soldiers then decided to relax for several days next to a muddy meadow near river Váh. They supposedly continued their journey after this stay unusually fresh.

These natural healing resources located in the very heart of Europe were brought to its current glory in the previous century by the founder of the spa in Piešťany, Ľudovít Winter. He built the Thermia Palace hotel, an Art-Nouveau gem, along with Irma health spa and the Pro Patria hotel, which provided treatment to wounded soldiers during the war.

SPA Piestany

Famous visitors

Bulgarian car Ferdinand I. from the family Coburgs was a frequent visitor of spas and during his stay in 1917 he established here his wartime general staff as well. German emperor Wilhelm II came for consultation and advice on the future leadership of World War I and the last Austrian emperor Karol I.

World-famous actresses Lillian Gish, Henny Porten, Diana Napier, Swedish writer, Noble Prize winner for literature Selma Lagerlöff, distinguished politicians Edvard Beneš, Vavro Šrobár, Jan Masaryk, famous Czech actor and comedian and entertainer Vlasta Burian, young Austrian composer Johann Strauss jr.. It is said that even Ludwig van Beethoven looked for his inspiration in the picturesque environment of Bacchus Villa.

SPA Piestany


The golf course in Piešťany is located on the north end of Spa Island (Vrbinky area). The complex is combined with balneotherapy where golfers can relax as well as regenerate themselves through spa treatments. This combination of golf combined with the beautiful surroundings of Spa Island and our unique treatments is an ideal offer for people looking for rest and relaxation combined with recreational sport. 

SPA Piestany

Water sports

River Vah and Lake Slnava are ideal for water sports, canoeing, yachting, sailing, boating. Water tank, pond Sĺňava with surface area 4,3 km2 is situated between the town Piešťany and the village Drahovce. You find water ski lift; boathouse on the pond or tank and nearby is camping.

For sight-seeing cruise at Slnava you can start by boat Xénia anchoring at Colonnaded Bridge in Piestany. The part of dam is artificial bird’s island, which is protected nature reserve, listed by UNESCO. There occur and nest also rare types of birds, it is nesting site of gull grey.

Fishing - Vah, dead arm of river behind the Spa Island, Ratnovska zátoka (cove), Horná Streda, Drahovske lakes and water pond Čerenec are paradise for fishermen. Tourist angling permit you can get in the store with fishing and tourist appliances. You can enjoy the fresh fish with possibility to catch a fish, trout or carp, directly in the fishpond – it offers the fishpond in Bašovce, Restaurant at Peter.

SPA Piestany

Trips & tours

Romantic Bojnice Castle dating from the eleventh century was rebuilt at the beginning of the twentieth century in the style of a French chateau of the Middle Ages according to the designs of the owner, Count Ján Pálffy. It is one of the most picturesque sights in Slovakia and is surrounded by a beautiful park. Close by is a Zoo.

The nearby castle ruins of Tematín, Beckov and Čachtice will remain in the memories of guests as places where time stood still and where the walls whisper eternal legends about the cruel owners and bloody Countess Báthory.

In neighbouring countries you can admire the beauty of Vienna, Budapest and other beautiful The Slovak “Rome”, the towns of Trnava as well as Nitra, are attractive with their beautiful sacral architecture from various periods and various building types. The town of Trenčín with its stunning castle built on a tall rock is described in many legends. And of course we can not forget the capital city - Bratislava.

Spa resort Piestany

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