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Spa resort Sliac

Success of therapy is in use of the best performing spa spring Kupelny pramen - complex treatment and plenty of time enable to heal not only body, but also soul. Medicine, guarantee, professionalism, quality of service, healing thermal mineral water, spa parks and woods, innumerable myths and places reminding the old history and unlimited hospitability.
Spa resort Sliac
Spa resort Sliac
Slovakia, Banská Bystrica region
City: Sliač
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from 28.00 €1 pers. / Breakfast
Hotel Palace
Sliač - Zvolen – 0 m

SPA resort Sliac

The spa Sliac is situated 15 km from Banska Bystrica in pleasant natural surroundings between the Slovak Ore Mountains and the Kremnica Mountains.

The treatments used at Sliac are based on the effects of mineral water and gases from its hot springs, applied through carbon dioxide therapies. A constant temperature of 33.2°C and the highest possible concentration of carbon dioxide are unique features of this spa which patients feel benefits from during their stay.

There are four known spa towns in the world, where springs of natural isothermal temperature with high content of carbon dioxide can be found. Only one of these springs is situated in Central Europe and that is in spa Sliac.

The spa Sliac treats mainly cardio-vascular diseases - high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, ischaemic heart disease, angina pectoris, artery diseases, myocardial infarction. It is also successful in treating gynaecological and oncological diseases and musculoskeletal diseases.

Spa resort Sliač

Mineral water with a high proportion of CO2 and the rare isothermal temperature of 33.2°C is practically unique on the world scene. The optimal water temperature for effective therapy is in the range 32°C – 34°C. At its natural temperature of 33.2°C the spring at Sliač spa offers the best possible therapeutic effects with a high concentration of CO2 (98.56%).

Mineral springs are used for preparation of mineral baths, drinking cure and inhalations. Natural thermal gas is administered by dry gas medical procedur and by subcutaneous gas injection. They provide wide spectrum of medical procedures - more than 50 medical procedures, which are both related to tradition and most modern practices.

The curative resort Sliac is a spa where you can choose from a wide range of services. In additional to its traditional therapeutic procedures, whose quality and beneficial effects are widely appreciated, it is also a place where you can recharge your mental energy.  The spa provides many relaxation procedures and the extensive park and other local beauty spots are also able to soothe the soul. Come and try it for yourself and you will find that Sliac is really “the spa your heart desires”.

Spa resort Sliač

The intensive use of CO2 in carbon dioxide therapy leads to a wide range of benefits:

it promotes mental and physical relaxation, which reduces the effects of stress
skin temperature in peripheral parts of the body increases by up to 4°C
it improves physical condition, oxygenating and strengthening the organism
it reduces high pressure
it expands blood vessels, which helps in the treatment of vascular diseases
it reduces blood clotting
it increases the organism’s ability to defend itself against infectious diseases
it reduces problems for pregnant women - gestosis and itching
it has a positive on sexual function


Healthy nature sources

The most substantial and most significant in terms of medical use is Spa spring, which is used for application of water curative procedures. Mineral springs of Sliac belong to the extensive system of so called thermal neogenic pool. In Sliac we use for treatment also unique natural spring gas, the main part of which is carbon dioxide.

In the world there are only 4 sources of therapeutic mineral water with the same composition: spa Sliac Slovakia, Argentina, Australia and Spain.

Spa spring is natural healing water, moderately mineralised, carbonic, sulphate-hydrogen carbonated, calcium-magnesium, with increased content of magnesium, calcium, fluoride, and sulphate ions, weakly acidic, mildly thermal, hypotonic. Capacity of thermal drill is 5.88 litres per second.

Spa resort Sliač


Spa Sliac are specialized for treatments and prophylaxis of disorders:

Cardiovascular diseases

Diseases of musculoskeletal system 

Oncological diseases

Women / gynecological diseases.

Healty procedures


Whirpool - Whirling bath of lower extremities - Scotish spritzers - Whole-body underwater massage - Finnish sauna - Stepping bath of lower extremities - Jacuzzi with non-mineral water + pack.


Sitting carbonic bath 36°C + pack - Sitting carbonic peat bath 36°C + pack Sitting carbonic bath in pool with CO2 + pack - Rehabilitation pool 31°C with exercise - Rehabilitation pool 31°C with swimming - Inhalation with mineral water.

Spa resort Sliac

Thermal Therapy

Peat pack - Paraffin pack.


Subcutaneous injections of natural spring gas - Classical massage - Reflexive massage of feet - Reflexive massage - Vacuum therapy - Curative physical education, individual - Curative physical education, in groups - Breathing exercise - Partial lymphatic massage combined with appliances - Dry carbonic bath - Vacuum press - Fitness - Fitball - Stationary bike - Salt cave - Nordic Walking.


Solux - Ulticare - Pamatron - Ultrasound - Biolamp - Magnekon - Hydrogalvan - Diathermy - Diadynamic current - Ionomodulator - Bioptron - Chakras harmonizer.

SPA resort Sliač


Complex spa stay

Complex spa stay

SPA stays
from 7 nights / FB
from 350.0 €
The treatments used at spa resort Sliač are based on the effects of mineral water and gases from its hot springs, applied through carbon dioxide therapies. In the world there are only three sources of…
Spa stay

Spa stay

SPA stays
from 5 nights / HB
from 220.0 €
Is a TIME yours biggest luxury? Is your health yours biggest value? Take a journey out of world and give to you most valuable in your life. This warm sunny place of spa resort Sliac with natural mineral…


Inexplicable cause of sudden death of birds and animals in the vicinity of springs caused awe of the superstitious folks. Free carbon dioxide that contaminated the whole surroundings of the springs was secret even for the scholars of the old times. There is no wonder that Sliac´s springs attracted attention even before centuries.

The oldest written document about Sliac´s springs comes from 1244. Since the half of the 15th century many significant scholars and writers have mentioned spa in their writings.

Sliac became a spa town in 16th century, in the past it was the most sough-after spa in Hungary.

Spa resort Sliač

Sliac has its today’s appearance since the 1930s and it has remained in the heart of all, who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

Those, who once experienced the beneficial effects of its springs, return here regularly every year.
Spa resort Sliač


Zvolen chateau

Zvolen chateau is on the list of national treasures. In the 60 the 20th century was completely renovated. Currently, the chateau is used by the Slovak National Gallery Bratislava. Gothic building with Renaissance outer fortification, situated on a slight hill near Zvolen`s square. It was built 1370 - 1382 by Ugrian king Louis I, in a hunting castle type of Italian urban castellum. Chateau was gradually rebuilt in the spirit of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Is available to the public year round.

Zvolen chateau

Source: www.sng.sk

Pusty castle

From reconstructed fortification is beautiful view to town Zvolen, Zvolenskú kotlinu, Poľanu, Kremnické hory a Javorie. Trip takes 1hr. Pusty castle is ranked as the largest castle in Europe.

Ruins of old castle known since 19 century as Pusty castle. Ruins are located above of confluence of rivers Hron and Slatina. The oldest part of castle complex is roman tower from 12 century. Originally, the complex is consisted of two castles, Lower and Upper Castle, which was connected by road. Castle fortification bounded area 7.6 ha.

Spa resort Sliac

Sliač - Zvolen
LAT: 48.6114480 = 48° 36' 41.2128"
LON: 19.1583200 = 19° 9' 29.952"


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