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Spa resort Smrdaky

Spa Smrdaky - is a very specific spa situated approximately 80 km north-west from the capital of Slovakia - Bratislava. Its specialisation is above all the treatment of skin diseases in combination with diseases of locomotive apparatus through use of the unique natural sources - hydrogen sulphide mineral water and sulphurous mud.
Spa resort Smrdaky
Spa resort Smrdaky
Slovakia, Trnava region
City: Smrdáky
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from 32.00 €1 pers. / Breakfast
Hotel Central
Smrdáky - Senica – 9 m
from 32.00 €1 pers. / Breakfast
Hotel Vietoris
Smrdáky - Senica – 75 m
from 36.00 €1 pers. / Breakfast
Hotel Morava
Smrdáky - Senica – 0,2 km

Spa resort Smrdáky

Smrdaky is quiet, peaceful spa town in the idylic hilly countryside of Western Slovakia, about 80 km from Bratislava. SPA resort Smrdaky helps both adults and children find not only relief and healing, but also the confidence and wellbeing their ailments have deprived them of.

Smrdaky offers the best spa treatment available for psoriasis, eczema, local dermatitis, acne and arthritic psoriasis.

Basic healing means and tools are mineral bath spas with a concentration of hydrogen sulphide, assuming the nature, character and dynamics of diseased process and sulphurous mud packs. Hydrogen sulphide infiltrates and penetrates to the skin of organism and has the favourable impact on inflammatory and immunological changes in the organism. The treatment is replenished with phototherapy and rehabilitation for optimal health effect.

In the world there doesn’t exist a more suitable and appropriate and favourable place for treatment of chronic skin diseases.

Spa Smrdaky are sorted as smaller Slovak spa, accommodation capacity is 315 beds but it is considered as an advantage. Brand of spa is supported by unique mineral healing springs, sensitive individual client orientated approach and intimate spa atmosphere. The spa consists of several empirical buildings. Although they were repeatedly reconstructed they keep the original appearance.

SPA Smrdaky

Healthy nature sources

Hydrogen sulphide mineral water - Is the natural healing resource of Spa Smrdáky. It is the mineral water with it’s high content of therapeutically effective and efficient hydrogen sulphide (680 mg/l). These values therefore rank Smrdáky´s mineral water as some of the most concentrated hydrogen sulphide waters in Europe.

Mineral water is distinguished by typical characteristic odour and smell and remarkable and exceptional effects at treatment of some, particularly skin diseases. It contains also minerals and salts - especially on the basis of Na, Mg a Ca (3400 mg/l), which favourably contribute to the healing and therapeutic effect.

The content of active diatomic sulphur is from all the well-known European hydrogen sulphide waters the highest one until now.

Sulphurous mud - Is a peloid emerging with puring and welling of hydrogen sulphide water through loessial soils of this area. Highly effective and efficient sulphurous peloids are used as the health aid and tool in the form of packs for joints and backbone (spinal column).

SPA Smrdaky

Rareness - Treatment of children

EVA - Children sanatorium is meant for treatment of children between the ages of 3 to 18. Sanatorium offers the medical health care, all-day program for children, school and playground.

Treatment of children - Indicated diseases: psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, chronic and recidiving eczemas, acne vulgaris, in durative and conglobating forms of acne, chronic skin diseases, (dermatitis) with supposed and assumed favourable effect of spa treatment (scleriasis, chronic prurigo, dermatomyositidis, ichtyosis, neurodermitis circumscripta, urticaria, dermatitis herpetiformis, lichen ruber, parapsoriasis, dermatitis seborhoica).


Spa Smrdaky are specialized for treatments and prophylaxis of disorders: 

Indications of skin diseases – adults

  • Psoriasis vulgaris, generalisata
  • Dermatitis atopica (Eczema atopicum)
  • Eczema chronicum, professionale
  • Neurodermitis circumscripta
  • Pruritus, Prurigo
  • Ichtyosis
  • Sclerodermia circumscripta
  • Parapsoriasis
  • Acne vulgaris, indurata, conglobata
  • Rosacea
  • Dermatitis rosaceiformis
  • Conditions and states after burns

Indications of diseases of locomotive organs – adults

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Vertebropathy
  • Bechterev´s disease
  • Osteoarthritis (coxartrosis, gonartrosis)

Indications – children

  • Psoriasis - all the forms (vulgaris, generalisata)
  • Atopic dermatitis, also in connection with spastic bronchitis
  • Chronic recidivist eczemas
  • Parapsoriasis
  • Prurigo
  • Chronic dermatitis with precondition of favourable influence and impact by spa treatment (scleriasis, dermatomyositis, ichtyosis, neurodermitis circumscripta, urticaria, dermatitis herpetiformis, liche ruber, dermatitis seborhoica.


Bath in hydrogen sulphate mineral water

At the bath spas they use the mineral hydrogen sulphide in the concentration 25, 50, or 100 mg of hydrogen sulphide per 1 litre. Temperature of water will be prescribed and set by the physician; it ranges from 36 to 38 °C. The bath has anti-inflammatory effect; it lasts 10-15 minutes. After the bath there follows the dry pack in duration of 10 - 15 minutes, based on the client’s needs.

SPA Smrdaky

Partial bath in mineral water, mineral bowl, arm bath, leg bath

They use the mineral hydrogen sulphide water in the concentration 200 - 300 mg of hydrogen sulphide with temperature 37-38 °C. Duration of treatment is 10 minutes and it is used at torpid chronic skin processes.  

Mud pack

Mud with high content of elementary sulphur and its chemical compounds works and effects mechanically, chemically and physically by means of conceded heat. Organism is overheated and through the skin/epidermis it absorbs many important substances. Mud is used for total and partial packs based on the physician’s prescription. Pack temperature is 45 °C, duration of treatment is 20 minutes.


Bubble bath — Whirlpool — Scottish sprays — Whirling cascade, waterfall — Stepping bath.

SPA Smrdaky


  • Group healing rehabilitation - Active and breathing exercises based on your state of health and indications of physician in groups based on the type of disease. Exercise lasts 20 – 30 minutes.
  • Individual healing rehabilitation - Passive, active and breathing exercises based on your state of health and indications of physician. Individual exercises according to the type of disease are applied at guests with worsen mobility, or after injuries. Exercise lasts 20 – 30 minutes.


Intensive spa stay

Intensive spa stay

SPA stays
from 6 nights / FB
from 282.0 €
Individual therapeutic program aimed to achieve positive results. The therapy utilized the unique natural sources - hydrogen sulphide mineral water and sulphurous mud; and fine treatments. Therapeutic…
Complex spa stay

Complex spa stay

SPA stays
from 6 nights / FB
from 210.0 €
This Spa Stay is suitable for guests with both skin diseases and also locomotive apparatus diseases with a recommended stay of 2 - 3 weeks. Procedures utilized mineral resources - water, mud with…
Relax stay

Relax stay

Wellness stays
from 2 nights / HB
from 66.0 €
Цей розслабитися Тур призначений для тих, хто шукає відпочинку в тихому surounding. Для тих з вас, хто хотів би піти від стресів повсякденного життя і вбирати нову енергію, вони пропонують різні програми,…


The first bathhouse in Smrdaky was built by the owner of lands in the vicinity of springs, Nitra´s deputy city mayor Jozef Vietoris, in years l832-3. This period is dated and known as the modern history of spas too. Later in 1839 also by courtesy and thanks to the owner J. Vietoris, there was built the impressive grand building of manor house for his family and precious guests. After several reconstructions it has served until today.

The manor house with its classical portal became the symbol of spas.

SPA Smrdaky

Jozef Vietoris procured and arranged also the building of pleasant and agreeable spa environment. When he drained the marshland and swamp, he gained the space for park, where he planted the rare woods. Spa Park has today the surface area 16 ha and is the favourite relaxation place for spa guests. Years 1935 – 1938 were the most successful for the spas. In spa facilities there were in that time accommodated around 180 patients.

In 1950 there was recorded and caught by drill the precious valuable source of mineral water and thus there was ensured the healing water of the well-known composition. Depth drill in 1953 discovered in the depth 301 metres the primary source of hydrogen sulphide mineral water, in 1957 also much more abundant and substantial wellspring.

SPA Smrdaky

Spa resort Smrdaky

Smrdáky - Senica
LAT: 48.7211930 = 48° 43' 16.2948"
LON: 17.3031600 = 17° 18' 11.376"


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