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Health resort Tatranska Kotlina

SPA Tatranska Kotlina - Sanatorium provides health care as a specialized treatment institute and as natural climatic spa. Beautiful and ecological Tatra`s nature creates ideal conditions for relax in the mountains and regeneration. Sanatorium offers spa stays, reconditioning and rehabilitation stays. Environment is especially suitable for treatment of nonspecific respiratory and heart disease.
Health resort Tatranska Kotlina
Health resort Tatranska Kotlina
Slovakia, Prešov region
City: Tatranská Kotlina
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Sanatorium Tatranska Kotlina

Tatranska Kotlina -Sanatorium is located in the same name settlement, which was established at the side hills of Belianske Tatras due to cave discovery at 1881. Tatranska Kotlina become classified as natural health resorts in in 1891 already.

Facility provides comprehensive medical diagnostic and laboratory analysis and set of rehabilitation treatments. Many years of experiences and personnel involvement of staff with creativity and client-oriented approach, create a real oasis health and well-being.

Health resort Tatranska Kotlina

The main activity of Tatranska Kotlina Sanatorium is comprehensive care for patients diagnosed with bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other non-specific (non TBC) respiratory diseases, mostly chronic. Due to low altitude of Sanatorium, surrounding is friendly to cardiovascular diseases treatments too. Preserved natural environment and easy terrain for walking - hiking are also suitable for combined types of diseases.

To client’s disposal are relaxation pool, sauna, jacuzzi, gym, fitness, billiards, bike rental and more. Insurance for the mountains stays may be signed at reception. A part of facility is a food store and Tourist Information Centre.

Health resort Tatranska Kotlina

Healthy nature sources

The climate in Tatranska Kotlina despite low altitude 760 m above sea level, has alpine character and unlike to other Tatra`s settlements here fogs almost absent. Settlement has status of climatic spa and the environment is suitable for the treatment of asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases as well as cardiology deceases and disorders.

Tatranska Kotlina offers a unique service, which is provided by a unique phototherapeutic method - as authorized RHINOLIGHT center, which is effective in the treatment of allergies and hay fever.

Sanatory Tatranska Kotlina


Sanatorium Tatranska Kotlina are specialized for treatments and prophylaxis of disorders:

Respiratory diseases

Oncological diseases

Civilization diseases.








Exclusive treatments in sanatorium is a Speleotherapy - breathing exercises in a nearby Belianska Cave. Such exercises in the cave accelerates healing and beneficial effects on the body at any age. Steady temperature, high humidity and sterile environment free of allergens have a positive impact on current health status and also has favorably influence the immune system.

Exercises in cave is the most effective treatment for bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis. Cave is virtually the only asylum for people with pollen allergy.

Health resort Tatranska Kotlina



Sanatorium Tatranska Kotlina is located in the same name settlement at the foot of the Belianske Tatra Mountains.

Near to settlement is cave discovered at 1881. Sanatorium Tatranská Kotlina was included among the natural health resort  in 1891.

Health resort Tatranska Kotlina


For leisure activities in the area, clients can use outdoor multifunctional playground, and vital contribution and bicycle path directly from Tatranska Kotlina to Spisska Bela in length 12 km, which was built in 2010.

Sanatorium Tatranska Kotlina

Sanatorium Tatranska Kotlina

Among of adrenaline activities might be included SPIDER PARK near the campus sanatorium, in which spa clients have entry with discount.

The church Tatranska KotlinaTatranska Kotlina

Source: www.vysoketatry.sk

Health resort Tatranska Kotlina

Tatranská Kotlina - Poprad
LAT: 49.2275370 = 49° 13' 39.1332"
LON: 20.3193260 = 20° 19' 9.5736"


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