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Spa resort Vysne Ruzbachy

Health Spa Ruzbachy has a specific place among other treatment's resorts. Excellent therapeutic effects of thermal sources have been benefitial to health the body and surrounding nature atmosphere for the soul.
Spa resort Vysne Ruzbachy
Spa resort Vysne Ruzbachy
Slovakia, Prešov region
City: Vyšné Ružbachy
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from 27.50 €1 pers. / Breakfast
Swiss Houses
Vyšné Ružbachy – 0,3 km
from 49.50 €1 pers. / Breakfast
Grand Hotel Strand
Vyšné Ružbachy – 1,8 km
from - €1 pers. / Breakfast
Hotel Travertin
Vyšné Ružbachy – 1,9 km

SPA resort Vysne Ruzbachy

Achievements of spa Vyšné Ružbachy are based on natural curative sources - thermal springs, friendly climatic conditions, high quality medical care and utilize of science t discovers. There is fairy-tale atmosphere in spa. Healing treatments sustain cure of sickness and mobilise recovery of exhausting. SPA provides relax, restore of health and charge life energy.

Stay in the spa will regenerates all your body and improves quality of your life.

Spa center and place of healing procedures is in Balneotetapie building. A rich options of treatments and qualified staff taking care to satisfy even to the most demanding clients. Beauty and healing climate of surrounding countryside and high level of medical care is guarantee to improve your health.

Spa Vyšne Ružbachy

Healthy nature sources

Therapeutic and preventive effects of the spa are based on the local natural healing waters - hydro-carbonic, calciferous-magnesium and hypotonic springs with low mineralization and temperatures up to 26 ºC. The healing properties of these natural carbonic springs are ensured through the absorption of carbon dioxide into human skin during bathing, which leads to the dilatation of skin capillaries and better skin blood flow.

The most productive spring Izabela feeds the outdoor swimming pool. At the centre of the swimming pool is a small round island with greenery. The spa offers therapeutic pools with mineral waters, tube baths, a sauna, and gymnasium and massage rooms.

Spa Vyšne Ružbachy

SAP Vyšné Ružbachy


Spa Vysne Ruzbachy are specialized for treatments and prophylaxis of disorders:

Cardiovascular diseases

Digestive system diseases

Women / gynecological diseases

Mental diseases / disorders

Diseases of the endocrine glands

Kidneys, prostate, urinary tract diseases

Oncological diseases

Metabolizmus diseases / disorders

Civilization disease.




Hyperthermic pool 36° C - Rehabilitation swimming pool - Massage pool - Carbonic bath therapy - Trample alternating tub - Whirlpools - Scottish showers - Under-water massage - Finnish sauna.

Carbonated bath

Healing carbonated water from source of Isabella, water temperature 33-36 °C, the procedure is completed with a dry wrap. Series of carbonic baths are used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, with a positive effect on the whole organism in terms of treatment of vegetative functions. It operates in total regeneration and relaxation.


Classical massage - Reflection massage - Lymphatic pressure drainage - Paraffin - Gas injections - Biotheric - Physical trainings - spine, release exercising, - Cardiovascular rehabilitation - Fitness.


Magnetotherapy — Laser — Ultrasonic Bioptron — Solarium

Psychotherapeutic treatments

Spa Vyšne Ružbachy


Traditional spa stay
from 6 nights / FB
from 258.0 €
Enjoy magic place on extinct volcano - High standard healing care, professional approach with individual healing rehabilitation program will improve your health, give you vitality and fresh look. Recommended…
Spa stay special

Spa stay special

SPA stays
from 4 nights / HB
from 140.0 €
Spend amazing relax stay with balneo + wellness program with wide range curative treatments. To focus for prevention of medical troubles as well as to restrength your vitality, remove stress impacts,…
Thermal wellness Ružbachy
from 2 nights / HB
from 64.0 €
Within your travel around to Slovakia, find time ti visit spa Vyšné Ružbachy. Spa hotels offer comfortable accommodation, relax in thermal wellness center and excellent cuisine and all of this in beautiful…
Winter stay in thermal spa
from 4 nights / HB
from 62.0 €
SPA Vyšné Ružbachy invites fans of winter rest and thermal baths, as well as all who want to take a break from everyday routine, to take rest in the heart of beautiful nature spreaded in one of the cleanest…


The therapeutic effects of the earthy carbonate mineral water springs were also well known in the Middle Ages when the first spa was founded here. The oldest written reference to the existence of springs is from the captain of the Spis Castle from 1549.

Polish and Hungarian nobility liked to visit the spa in Ruzbachy. In 1882 it was bought and restored in by count Zamoyski.

Spa Vyšne Ružbachy


The tourist attraction of Spišská Magura and the Spa Vyšné Ružbachy are several craters. They are results of the collapsed travertine monticules, which precipitated around the mineral springs rich in calcium. Spa is located between of historic towns Bardejov and Poprad - the gateway to the High Tatras.

There are four big and several small travertine craters in the spa of Vysne Ružbachy. Krater is the most popular among them. Its diameter is 20 metres and it is two to three metres deep. Krater is the biggest travertine lake in Slovakia. Other travertine craters are dry. One of them is Kaplnkovy krater named so because of the chapel standing on its edge. Its dimension is 51 x 32 metres and it is 4.5 metres deep.

Spa Vyšne Ružbachy

Lubovna Castle

Ľubovňa Castle - On a limestone cliff of 711 m over Stará Ľubovňa in the north-east of Spis stands Lubovna Castle. Rulers met here in the past, it is the place where Polish coronation jewels were hidden and where famous adventurer, noble man and King of Madagascar, Móric Beňovský was imprisoned.

Spa Vyšne Ružbachy

Open-air museum

Open-air museum - Open-air museum presents cultural values of ethnically mixed region in northern Spis and north-western Saris. With it´s character presents unique variousness of life in this area. 

Spa resort Vysne Ruzbachy

Vyšné Ružbachy - Stará Ľubovňa
LAT: 49.3050490 = 49° 18' 18.1764"
LON: 20.5553320 = 20° 33' 19.1952"


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