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Complex spa stay

ID: 36
Mountains around provide distinctive atmosphere and pure environment which assisting all curative treatments obtained in spa. Come to this unforgettable place to pluck up various minerals and natural elements from cave’s pool. Deliver improvement to all your vital functions and leave all cells in your body renewed and refreshed,using various therapies and pure mountain`s ambience.
Complex spa stay
Complex spa stay
Spa resort Sklene Teplice
Sklené Teplice - Žiar nad Hronom
Banská Bystrica region
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Services included in price

Accomodation with full board - buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner choice of menu
Treatment course Complex 
Entrance medical examination with proposition for individual treatment program:
2 spa procedures per day,
individual therapeutic programme based on the guest’s health and doctor‘s prescription.
Doctor and health examinations - initial with a special emphasis on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and related complications.
Daily entry to the thermal pool Mining bath (1 hour).

Free entries & Bonuses

  • Bonus for long term stay
    21 = 19 /  14 = 13
  • Various daily leisure activities and cultural activities.

Length of stay:
Length of stay can be changed, but the shortest stay is 3 nights.
Additional charges
Spa fee 1 Eur/ person/ day.

Spa resort Sklené Teplice 


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